SAMVEG, the student society associated with the department of Mechanical Engineering, was formed on 1st March, 2006 under the guidance of Mr. Pallab Biswas and with the relentless support of the then third year students of the Mechanical Engineering Department. The society is formed with an aim to provide a platform to the students on which they enhance their practical knowledge and gain valuable experience in the industrial arena.

Samveg Society aims to help students turn their imagination into an engineering reality and supports all the imagination processes through creative events from its inception to final creation. Samveg acts as a platform for all mechanical students to show their technical and managerial skills and improve on them. Students of the college are offered opportunities such as quizzing, debating, group discussions, industrial visits, technical conferences and various technical events. Samveg has actively participated as a society in various Technical Festivals over the years. The sole intention behind starting off with a department society was to provide a channelized growth medium to the students, not merely in the field of academics, but also for other extra-curricular activities.

In 2006-07, the Society started by organising six major events in the Techfest held on 16th and 17th October 2006. The events organised for the first time were Bob the Builder, Gears to puzzle you, Robo Race, Junk Yard, Workshop Modelling and Paper Presentation. Robo Race and Junk Yard was amongst the most popular technical events in the history of college. In the subsequent years, new events like “The Sea Legacy" and “The Wrath of Wings" were added and few events were modified such as Robo Race is modified to Rob Soccer. Maintaining its trend of enhancing technical skills and sharpening young minds, SAMVEG kept its journey on by conducting atleast two events in every academic year independently such as Table Stable, Bridge it… Fix it, World without Engineering, Student of the Year, Roadsters, Boreas’ Battle amongst others. Samveg students organized a college level conference “Tomorrow’s India” on 11 Oct 2015 under the guidance of Prof. I.P. Sharma, HoD, ME, and Mr. Pallab Biswas, Faculty Advisor –Samveg.

Samveg Society Students on 27th September, 2014 under the guidance of Prof. I.P. Sharma, HoD, ME, and Mr. Pallab Biswas , Faculty Advisor -Samveg, organised CoMEGT – the Conference on Mechanical Engineering in Green Technologies. This was the first ever students’ conference held in our college. The motive of the conference was to promote green technology, which is the need of the hour as it drastically helps keep the environment greener by reducing carbon footprints. This conference was conducted zealously. The work was well organized and effectively distributed. The main objective was to inculcate the idea of green technology amongst college students by the medium of conference where they got an interactive platform for presenting their views on latest innovations in the field of green technology. Another objective of this conference was to develop a professional environment in our college which was successfully achieved by developing the presentation skills of a large number of students during the course of the event and also develop research acumen in them.

The event was concluded in following four phases:

  • Synopses submission and short listing
  • Seminar on techniques for giving good presentation
  • Mentorship program for finalists
  • Conference

The conference proved to be an interactive platform where all the participants, the judges and the audience participated in an integrated manner to promote and share the knowledge of green technology, “a boon to the present era”.

In 2016-17, Students of SAMVEG Society were actively involved in organizing and coordination of society activities. The Samveg students organized the events QUADMANIA, QUIZENE and AUTOCAD TRAINING during the academic year. SAMVEG students of Mechanical Engineering department were actively involved in organizing and coordination of society activities. The Samveg students have organized the events ROBOTRIX 17 on 11-12 Feb 2017 and BLITZKRIEG on 5-6 Apr 2017 during even semester 2017-18.

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Faculty Advisor : Dr. Pallab Biswas, Professor, Mechanical Engineering