Prof. D.K Banwet
 An institute with a difference, Wonderful architectural conception, lovely infrastructure backed with visionary zeal with bubbly pillars of students energy thriving & a great deal of development & corporate social responsibility & helpful attitude & a best of mind. Thoroughly professional in approach & high up in the journey to excellence. Best wishes! 

Prof. S. K. Kak
 Congratulaions and wonderful to be here for this great occasion. I am confident that the college will be a Benchmark institution for others to follow! Good environment & excellent arrangement. Congrats! 

Mr. Somnath Baishya
 I have no doubts in saying that, this college is a very progressive set up driven by strong leadership, a long term vision, vibrant staff & great students. We at Infosys take pride in saying the students from this college will in a big way contribute to creating the Infosys of tomorrow. Congratulations to everyone in this college! 

Mr. Bharat Bhargava
 Excellent organization. Intellectual discussions. Good Food! 

Prof. N. K. Sharma
 The institute has a vision and mission supported by its management to carry forward its philosophy. I wish the institute the very best! 

Dr. Sunil Rai
 Outstanding facilities and spirit of advanced learning systems in automation. This truly a "demo" effort which the rest of education must follow. All the best for your continued pursuit in excellence! 

Prof. Kripa Shanker
 Exciting to see the face of UPTU in many ways. Wish all the best for further spiralling ups, Excellent in all respects and aspect, Impressive performance by the institute and the students academically and otherwise, Best of luck to all ! 

Prof. A. Subash Babu
 The college has made significant progress and it is very evident that in the last few years, under the able guidance of a leader with vision and conviction , the developments have been phenomenal. 

Prof. K.K. Aggarwal
 Excellently organised function. Splendid achievements of the college. Please keep it up. All the best. 

Prof. Abhishek Mishra
 It was a fantastic convocation. I loved the spirit and the energy of all present. I wish the graduating class all the very best in life & in all that they choose to do. 

Mr. R. Ramesh
 I am impressed with the commitment at all levels of your institute & their energy level is high. Wishing you all the Best! for all your new endeavours. We would like to associate with you in the best possible way! Very good campus, dedicated team of faculty & teachers, great visionary Director! Wish you all success in all your endeavours! 

Prof. Prem Vrat
 I am delighted to be present in the 15th Annual Convocation of AKGEC and compliment the college and its Director, Board, faculties and students for maintaining very high standards of academic excellence. My best wishes for continued success of this great college! 

Mr. Rajeev Arora
 Excellent infrastructure, management is very passionate about the academic. Thanks for spending time and explaining and taking around the campus. 

Prof. S. K. Sharma
 The college is transparent and open. Mutual commitment and faith amongst management and employees is worth appreciation. The college director Dr. Agarwal is a fine gentleman, committed for transformation of the college. 

Mr. Shinji Yamabe
 Great day to start strong collaboration Thanks! 

Air Marshal P.V Athawale
 When some great things happen in life, one wonders why not earlier. Its been a great day with AKGEC. The commitment for ecxcellence is visible. The college shows great promise for India future. May you make a difference to Make India of Tomorrow! Best Wishes! 

Mr. Dilip Sawhney
 Your passion, infrastructure, facilities and faculty..... All were World Class. I wish you great success! 

Mr. Peter Gorzyza
 Fantastic college. This will bring students much closer to industry requirements. Inauguration perfectly organized! 

Dr. Rob Reilly
 Excellent Organization & Hospitality! Nice vibrant function, excellent academic achievements. My all the best for all your future endeavours 

Mr. Stephen John Turner
 Excellent organisation. A beautiful campus with very good facilities. 

Mr. R.S. Rajkumar
 Orienting to the future of technical education bringing technologies to the industry and developing a sustained scalable model take AKGEC to league of IIT's and beyond. Its no doubt AKGEC will set trends in higher education! 

Dr. Vijendra Agarwal
 Great facility; well maintained. 

Col Subir Ahluwalia
 An abolutely outstanding institution. A worthy example to be emulated. An exhilirating experience. 

Mr. Jnyan Patel
 Excellent vision execution towards enabling a brighter, smarter, enterprising work force. 

Mr. Schmitt Gerald
 I am very much looking forward to comming back. Fascinating people & place! 

Shri Atul Bhatnagar
 I was very impressed with the infrastructure, facilities and dedication of the faculty and students. I've no doubt that AKGEC will continue to scale new heights in excellence and will contribute to nation building a big way. All the best & God Bless! 

Dr. Nagesh Bhandari
 Overwhelmed with great infrastructure and the philosophy of Excellence. Hope it grows day by day. 

Mr. S. K. Yadav
 I am spellbound. I could feel the dedication of faculties and the commitment of owners and the institutions is lucky to have a worthy Director. All the best to students, faculties and the management. 

Prof. S.K Kak
 Great Institutes are known for creating great personalities and that is the all AKGEC has been doing. Keep it up and Best Wishes for achieving even greater heights.