To become an International resource Center dedicated to spreading the ethos of value education, fostering individual and societal transformation towards achieving just and equitable society.


The mission of the Value Education Cell is to foster an environment that promotes value education, and value-based living within the college community. It aims to inspire research into holistic designs, models, systems, and technologies that support these values. Additionally, the cell is committed to assisting in the development of value-based policies, ensuring that the principles of ethical and responsible living are embedded in the institutional framework and practices.


As the twenty-first century unfolds, technological advancements are becoming more evident. Though, on the one hand, the technologies have made our living more comfortable, on the other, it has caused problems at the level of individuals, family , society and the nature at large in the form of stress/strain, psychosomatic diseases, family break-ups, terrorism, wars, anti-people ecology, resource depletion etc. Technological progress has made the degradation of values and ethical conduct evident. It shows that advancements in technology only cannot lead to a happy, prosperous & meaningful life for a human being. Thus, there is a need to progress in developing technologies (learning skills) and inculcate human values, ensuring complementarity between the two. The complementarity will ensure the holistic utilization of technological systems with a holistic worldview gained through value education. A holistic worldview would then ensure one’s living in harmony with family, society, and Nature/Existence and help us move towards excellence in all spheres.


To ensure an eco-friendly environment, healthy work culture and to develop a holistic worldview among faculty members, students, staff, and their family members as well as nearby areas, Value Education Cell (VE Cell) was established in AKGEC during the year 2017 under the guidelines of AKTU with the following objectives:

• Develop right understanding by sharing the understanding of what to do (Value Education).
• Develop right skills by teaching how to do (Technical Education).
• Practice right living during the period of education and its continuity.
• Living in relationship with other human beings leading to mutual happiness.
• Living in relationships with rest-of-nature leading to mutual prosperity and hence ensuring an eco-friendly environment in the campus.

In June 2019, AKGEC was upgraded to a Regional Nodal Center. The underlying principle was that besides conducting of Human Value programs in their own institute, a larger number of teachers from surrounding Colleges/Institutes could also attend programs/workshops and become resource persons for the further spread of Human Values education. The journey, so far, has been very satisfying and fulfilling for all. The College has now been recognized as an active nerve center of Value Education by AICTE where faculty members are voluntarily working to spread this education at various levels across the country.


The Journey of Value Education Cell (VE CELL)