Due to the busy and demanding nature of technical education, it is not uncommon for individuals to overlook the importance of nature in their daily lives and its significance in the long term. However, in light of the current state of the environment due to pollution, deforestation, global warming, and ozone layer depletion, it has become imperative to raise awareness about the environment's present status.

In this regard, the Nature Club aims to play a crucial role in promoting environmental awareness among students. The club is committed to not only spreading awareness about environmental issues but also encouraging students to seek solutions to these problems and adopt sustainable living practices that are in harmony with nature.

The Nature Club operates on the principles of “right utilization, protection, and enrichment" of the natural resources available around us. By following these principles, the club aims to promote responsible use of resources, protect the environment from further damage, and enrich it for future generations.

Through a variety of initiatives such as organizing nature walks, tree-planting drives, and waste management programs, the club intends to raise awareness about the importance of nature and encourage students to adopt sustainable practices. The ultimate goal of the Nature Club is to promote a deep appreciation of nature among students, fostering a sense of responsibility towards the environment and inspiring them to become future leaders in the fight against environmental degradation.

Naming the trees on the campus.

In the era of technological advancements, most of us have forgotten Nature. Nature club, VE Cell installed various boards under the trees mentioning the essential properties of the trees. The activity was appreciated by students around the campus. Many students shared that they were not aware about such essential and useful information about the trees before the installation of the boards.

Medicinal/Herbal Gardening
Nature Club, VE Cell, to spread awareness about the medicinal herbs and their importance in our life, prepared a medicinal garden. Various important herbs are planted in the garden which is now a place of attraction for students.

Nakshatra Trees
Twenty seven Nakshatra trees are planted in 'Faith Center' of the college. Nakshatra plants are those plants which are recommended as per the ruling god of a particular Nakshatra and these are already mentioned in Indian Vedas. According to which every human being is born in a particular Nakshatra and based on this, his /her planetary positions suits a particular type of plant according to their horoscope and place of residence.

Shram Daan and Kartavya

Nature Club, VE Cell conducts two regular activities for the students: Shram Daan and Kartavya.

Shram Daan is an activity where students get an opportunity to interact with Nature. They do labor with a piece of land and plant trees. Kartavya is an extension of the activity Shram Daan where students adopt a tree and take responsibility for taking care of the adopted tree.