3-Day Face to Face Introductory FDP (for Staff) (05- 07 April 2023)

The AICTE team had a planning meeting with the host organizing team, guided them about preparations and suggested to minimize their exit-entry while sessions in any circumstance.

Dates: 5th – 7th April, 2023
Place: ML-36, ME Block, 2d Floor
Total Registration – 42
Total participants – 39
Facilitator– Dr Parul Verma and Mr BN Pandey
Observer– Mr Kaushal Gupta, ABESIT, Ghaziabad
LPC– Mr R.P. Singh

Few Highlights:

.Workshop started with a family feel without much formality and succeeded smoothly throughout 3days.
.Sharing of the topics was as per the AICTE schedule (PFA).
.Sessions were interactive and exploratory.
.Every session was including a recap of the previous session/s.
.Session on the relationship (harmony in the family) attracted the attention of most of the participants.
.Participants verified the proposals in family/profession and shared in their self-evaluation
.In the valedictory session participants expressed their satisfaction and expected more such workshops for them.
.Routine follow-up session was announced for future connectivity with the proposals and clearing doubts.
.Observer appreciated the discipline and active involvement of participating staff members.
.SPC-made soap was gifted as a small token of appreciation to the observer.

VE cell acknowledges the efforts of the college for Value Education and Value B

An Experiential Exploration of Human Values (9-12 March 2023)

A four-day UHV activity-based workshop was organized by VE Cell, AKGEC in coordination with ISABS (Indian Society for Applied Behavioral Science) during 9–12 March 2023 (9 AM – 5 PM), in ME Conference Hall. The workshop was facilitated by Dr. Rashmi Saxena & Dr. Rachna Sharma(ISABS Professionals).Indian Society for Applied Behavioral Science (ISABS) is a national, nonprofit voluntary society of behavioral scientists engaged in applying their knowledge and skill to the well-being of persons, organizations, communities, and the society at large. The workshop was planned by Dr. Gopal Babu, Coordinator, VE Cell, AKGEC under.

The following faculty members (including Prof. V.K. Parashar, Head VE Cell, AKGEC) actively participated in this small group workshop-

FMs from the college FMs from outside
Dr. Upasana Mishra, CSE Mr. Bhanu Pratap Singh, AP, CSJMU Kanpur
Mr. Akhilesh Verma, CSE Dr. Kumar Sambhav, UPID Noida, NCCIP Member
Mr. BN Pandey, CSE Mr. Alok Pandey, KIET Ghaziabad
Dr. Parul Verma, ASH Mr. NK Sharma, IMS  Ghaziabad
Mr. RP Singh, ECE Dr. Vanchna Singh, Self Employed
Dr. Jitendra Chaabra, ECE Mr. Himanshu Kumar Rai (Guest Faculty, DU)

The following were the highlights of the workshop-

  • It was an unstructured workshop, where the experiential learning was in the Centre.
  • The workshop was specifically focused on observing feelings/emotions of the immediate moment (being aware and honest about – Here and Now).
  • Time, Territory and Task were cautiously cared for, disallowing any past reference or future assumptions ie avoiding Then or There), while interacting and dealing with participants and self-planned tasks.
  • The present was emphasized as the best-owned reality one can see.
  • Self-Image was recognized as a big challenge rather main culprit, responsible for the unawareness about feelings and behavioural ambiguities.
  • Availability of feelings, and acknowledging them, facilitates natural expression in behaviour. The same was exercised.
  • Expression has a CHOICE, may be verbal/nonverbal/pictorial/violent/nonviolent. The same was discussed and experienced.

The following were the main observations in the workshop-

  • The process connects with the first step of EXERCISE 1 of UHV, ie seeing the Self by the Self (without any reaction or evaluation).
  • Every moment of awareness about our being was been practiced formally.
  • The process is complementary to developing competence in observing feelings (emotions).
  • The existence (goal) is one similar reality, but the process/mechanism to know/understand the existence is variable.

Extracted Recommendations after the workshop were-

  • Integration of efficient steps (from various processes) may be evolved to suit the human desire of KNOWING/ UNDERSTANDING.
  • Participant’s periodic follow-up (online) is desirable to evaluate the gradual transformation.
  • Frequent such short crisp workshops may be planned, purposely for experiential validation (Steps of Exercise 1 and 2), for intense UHV explorers. This idea was shared with the honorable DG for his kind consideration.

FDP for Student Induction (06- 13 April 2022)

AICTE Approved – Faculty Development Programme for Student Induction (Universal Human Values)
Dates – 06-13 April 2022)
Organized by – Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College, Ghaziabad, U.P
Total No. of Registrations- 36
No. of Participants from AICTE Affiliated Institutions- 27
No of Participants from Host Institution- 25
No. of Universities Represented – 1
No. of Institutions Represented – 2