Workshop for female inmates of the Dasna Jail, Ghaziabad

VE Cell AKGEC conducted a 15-day workshop for female inmates of the Dasna Jail, Ghaziabad. We’re proud to share the impactful outcomes of the 15-day Universal Human Values workshop held at Dasna Jail! With dedicated sessions spanning two hours each day, female inmates were empowered to embrace important values like trust, respect, affection, and love. Led by the senior UHV Resource Persons, Dr. Parul Verma and Dr. Upasana Mishra, with the help of Dr. Nitya Sharma from AKGEC, Ghaziabad, the workshop fostered empathy and understanding among participants, inspiring them to rise above past mistakes and reshape their futures. By equipping inmates with tools for emotional management and promoting harmonious relationships, this initiative not only enhances the jail atmosphere but also lays a strong foundation for successful societal reintegration post-release. Together, we’re building a more compassionate and supportive community.

Significant Outcomes of the Workshop:

• The workshop helped jail inmates understand the importance of human values in their lives and recognise the root cause of problems.
• The workshop initiated empathy and respect within inmates, inspiring them to rise above past mistakes and reshape their future. This way, inmates can be guided towards a path of self-improvement, thereby reducing crime propensity and limiting the cycle of imprisonment.
• Promoting the release of stress and meaningful relaxation of the mind, inmates learned to manage their emotions more effectively, reducing instances of violence. It helped create a harmonious Jail atmosphere and promoted effective, humane management.
• The workshop equipped inmates with the tools and mindset for successful societal reintegration. It empowers them with self-understanding and respect for others, laying the foundation for healthier relationships post-release.