• Venue: Mini Seminar Hall
• Date: 23rd April, 2024
• Time: 10:10 AM to 1:30 PM
• No of teams participated: 12

The Value Education Cell of our esteemed institution Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College, organised ‘Green Shark Tank ‘, on the occasion of International Earth Day (a subevent of Vasudha 2k24) on 23rd April,2024 in order to encourage entrepreneurship combined with environmental awareness among our students.

A total of 12 teams participated in the eco-friendly pitching. Each team comprised of 3 members. Throughout the event, teams presented well researched projects with care for Mother Nature in their young minds. The presence of the esteemed judges (Faculty Members) made the event even more knowledgeable and thought provoking.

The participants were asked to develop projects on ‘CONSERVATION OF NATURE’. It should have resonated with the idea of HUMAN CONNECTION WITH NATURE.

Judging criteria:
While judging the innovative ideas of the participants, the following parameters were kept in mind:
1. Relevance with respect to topic
2. Communication Skills
3. Uniqueness
4. Feasibility
5. Future Scope
6. Business Idea
7. Scalability
8. Social impact
9. Points for bringing prototype

Overall, the event summed up successfully. It provided a platform to our students to come up with business ideas combined with sustainability and nature conservation.

Essay Writing ‘VASUDHA 2K24’

• Date:22/04/2024
• Venue: ME Block
• No of students participated: 96
• Topic: Climate change and pollution

On 22nd April, 2024, Value Education Cell organized an essay writing competition (a sub event of Vasudha 2k24) on the pressing global issues of pollution and climate change. The event aimed to raise awareness among students about the challenges posed by these environmental issues and encourage them to think critically about potential solutions.


The competition witnessed an impressive turnout, with a total of 96 students from various branches participating enthusiastically. This remarkable level of participation underscored the growing concern among the youth regarding environmental sustainability.

Essay Topics:

Participants were tasked with exploring various aspects of pollution and climate change through their essays. They were encouraged to delve into the following topics:
1. Human contribution to climate change: Causes and solutions.
2. The effect of pollution human health and the environment.

Judging Criteria:

Essays were evaluated based on several criteria, including originality of ideas, depth of analysis, coherence of arguments, and clarity of expression. Judges also considered the relevance of the content to the theme of the competition and the effectiveness of the proposed solutions.


The essay writing competition on “Pollution and Climate Change", proved to be a resounding success. It provided a platform for students to engage with important environmental issues and fostered a sense of responsibility towards building a sustainable future. Such initiatives are essential in empowering the youth to become proactive agents of change in addressing the global challenges of pollution and climate change. VE Cell Society looks forward to organizing similar events in the future to continue fostering environmental awareness and activism among the younger generation.

Planet Puzzle Paradox ‘VASUDHA 2K24’

Date:25/04/2024 Venue: Amphitheatre
No of teams participated:72 Games played:
1. Harvest Heaven
2. Sustainable Pyramid
3. Jigsaw Puzzle
4. Carbon Combat
5. Eco-Balloon Bliz
6. Eco Drag Master
7. Buzzer Bonanza

On 25/04/2024, Value Education Cell, organized an exhilarating event called the “Planet Puzzle Paradox" (a subevent of Vasudha 2k24), aimed at engaging participants in fun-filled games while promoting awareness about environmental sustainability. The event attracted 72 teams, each comprising three members, who enthusiastically participated in a series of challenging and thought-provoking games.
Games (3 members in each team):

Harvest heaven:
• Two players were blind folded and one of the blind folded members had to hold the bucket and other member had to throw the ball. The member which was not blind folded was directing the thrower about the direction in which the person had to throw the ball in the bucket.
• The instruction by the third member had to be limited e.g. Left, Right, Forward and Backward.

Sustainable Pyramid:

• In this game every member, was given a balloon and they had to blow that balloon and stuck it into the cups (provided to build the pyramid) in order to pick up the cups, as use of hands was not allowed.
• Using the above technique, they had to create a 4-level pyramid.
• During the pyramid building, if any of the cups fell, then they had to restart building pyramid.
• The game was time bounded.

Jigsaw puzzle:
• Each team received a distorted puzzle.
• They had to solve it under the specified time.

Carbon Combat:

• Each team was given 2 sticks. In between the sticks, the members had to carry the foam balls and place them in the designated area.
• This game was time bound.
• The team with max number of balls, received max points.

Eco Balloon Bliz:

• In this game, the members had to struck the balloon using arrows.
• Each ballon had a chit on which words related to sustainability and environment conservation were written.
• One of the team members had to act and other 2 members had to predict that word.
• The game was time bounded.

Eco Drag master:

• In this game, team members had to shoot the balls in the net with a catapult.
• The team which collected the maximum number of balls in the net received maximum points.

Buzzer Bonanza:
• In this game, riddles were shown on the screen.
• If any team wanted to answer, they had to press the buzzer.
• If the answer went wrong, the points were deducted.

The event was a resounding success, bringing together participants from diverse backgrounds to engage in friendly competition while promoting environmental awareness and sustainability. Through interactive games and activities, participants gained valuable insights into the importance of adopting eco-friendly practices in their daily lives. Such events play a crucial role in inspiring individuals to become active stewards of the environment and advocates for positive change. VE Cell Society looks forward to organizing similar events in the future to continue fostering environmental consciousness and encouraging collective action towards a greener, more sustainable p


Date: 23rd April,2024 Duration: 4.5Hrs
Place: CS-IT Seminar Hall, AKGEC
Total Registrations – 50
Master of Ceremonies- Two VE Cell Student Members-
Ms. Ashi Gupta Mr. Siddhart

Value Education Cell, AKGEC, hosted Green Film Festival: An Enlightened Learning with Short Movies on April 23, 2024.All B.Tech. first , second, third and fourth-year students were welcome to attend the event. The meeting took place at the CS-IT block’s Seminar Hall from 2:20 to 6:00 p.m. A movie session, a quiz session and discussion session were all part of the event.

All attendees enjoyed refreshments as the event kicked off with the refreshment offering. Following the refreshments, everyone entered the seminar hall at 3:30 p.m. with a lot of energy and sparkle in their eyes.
The incredible event began at 3:45 p.m. with a very warm and sincere welcome from all of the participants, followed by a brief introduction of the team to the audience and dignitaries in attendance. VE Cell orators, Miss Vaishnavi and Mr. Sarthak, brought attention to the dignitaries in attendance and also gave a briefing about the event, which was called “GREEN FILM FESTIVAL," and how it began in the first place thanks to the efforts of VE Cell Coordinator, Dr. Gopal Babu.

An inspirational short film on environmental degradation called “Kadvi Hawa” began at precisely 3:45 p.m. In a village affected by climate change and scanty rainfall, a blind farmer strikes a deal with the debt recovery agent to save his son from a debt trap.

The movie ended at 5:20 p.m., leaving everyone feeling profoundly moved. Following the film, it was time for a 10-point quiz centred around the movie. The top three victors would receive interesting prizes. QR code were distributed to all the participants by VE Cell members. There was a QR code on the screen also.

Following quiz completion, students had the opportunity to share what they had learned and the ideals they felt the film most strongly represented, as well as any other opinions they might have had. Students gave their opinions about the film and actively participated in it.

Mr. Yash (4th yr) were then asked to give a summary of the proceedings. They began by sharing his thoughts on the film with us, giving us a fresh perspective to consider while also briefly explaining what he personally learned from it, children had a little time to ask questions and get their questions answered. Additionally, there was an audience question-and-answer period encouraging active engagement, during which audience members were asked questions concerning the film. This was carried out to assess the attending students’ level of attentiveness by a small quiz. Encouragement prices were also given to the top 3 winners.

In general, the benefits of the movie and the doubt-clearing session were a nice mix of keeping the participants interested and teaching them a new subject that would eventually be useful to them in life.

All of the participants gave very encouraging and good remarks. In order to learn more about selfevolution, self-respect, proper comprehension, trust, and self-exploration—as well as the significance of pursuing one’s passion—everyone is eager for many more such life-related events centred on life lessons.

VASUDHA 2K24 - Debate Competition

Date: 22-23, April, 2024
Time : Day 1 2:00pm to 4:00pm Day 2 8:30am to 10:10am
Venue: Main Seminar Hall
No of teams participated in the debate: 29

An engaging debate competition ( a sub event of vasudha 2k24) was organised by the Value education cell of our esteemed institution Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College on the occasion of International Earth Day. The esteemed judges for the event included Manishi Ma’am, Nitya Ma’am, and Amit Goel Sir on day one, and Dr. Shashank Sahu Sir along with Dr. K. K. Sir on day two.

Manishi Ma’am, Nitya Ma’am, and Amit Goel Sir, with their proficiency in communication and critical thinking, provided insightful commentary and evaluations on the arguments presented by the debaters on the first day. Their nuanced understanding of various topics added depth to the deliberations.
On the second day, Dr. Shashank Sahu and Dr. K. K. Tiwari further elevated the judging standards with their expertise in their respective fields. Their meticulous attention to detail and impartial judgment ensured a high standard of assessment throughout the competition.

Throughout the competition, teams presented well-researched arguments, demonstrating a deep understanding of the complexities surrounding environmental challenges. The topic of debate included –
1. Is sustainable development compatible with Economic progress?
2. Should animal testing be banned for cosmetics and household products?
3. Should countries priorities renewable energy sources over traditional fossil fuels.
4. Should national parks and protected areas be open for commercial development. Each debate showcased the participants’ dedication to finding innovative solutions to global environmental issues. There was a time limit of 5 minutes with 2 minutes for questions.

Overall, the debate competition contributed greatly in broadening the mindset of the youth of how urgent is the need to proactively contribute in the Environmental conservation.
In conclusion, the debate competition on April 22nd and 23rd not only highlighted the importance of environmental stewardship but also underscored the power of dialogue and collaboration in addressing pressing global challenges. With the guidance of the esteemed judges and the passion of the participating teams, the event served as a beacon of hope for a more sustainable and resilient future.

3-Day (14-16 March 2024) Family Workshop on Understanding Relationship through Self-Exploration

Dates: 14-16 March 2024
Venue: Main Seminar Hall
Total Registrations- 39 Family Members from 22 families
Total participants- 31 Family members from 20 families
Completed – 30 Family Members from 20 families

A family is a fundamental institution for individuals to step into socialization. With this opinion, VE Cell AKGEC, under the guidance of the visionary leadership of Dr RK Agarwal, Director General & Chairperson VE Cell, has started a 3-day (14-16 March 2024) family workshop on ‘Understanding the Relationship through Self Exploration’,for the family members of its employees.

A family is a fundamental institution for individuals to step into socialization. With this opinion, VE Cell AKGEC, under the guidance of the visionary leadership of Dr RK Agarwal, Director General & Chairperson VE Cell, has started a 3-day (14-16 March 2024) family workshop on ‘Understanding the Relationship through Self Exploration’,for the family members of its employees. Around 30 participants belonging to 20 familiesattended the workshop enthusiastically. Coherent sessions and dynamic discussions combinedly made the workshop meaningful, in the presence of the participants of the 6yrs–72yrs age group. Since every human being is born in a family and inherently desires a harmonious, complaint-free relationship in the family, so the theme of the workshop was quite significant for all. The family as the basic unit or building block of human organization, provides unconditional valuable support in the form of feelings. Understanding and practicing these feelings through self-investigation, facilitates the human to live in relationship and harmony (order). Director of the institute Prof (Dr) Hemant Ahuja and Convener VE Cell Prof (Dr) VK Parashar addressed the gathering in the inaugural session. VE Cell AKGEC is taking this initiative towards its commitment to societal transformation through personal transformation, aligned with AICTE stakeholding in NEP 2020.

In the valedictory session of the workshop,self-evaluation of the participants was recorded, which iswell saved in the repository of VE Cell.

Participant’s Feedback
1. A group of family members working in the software industries, including Microsoft and Expedia Group, wanted to organize a workshop for the corporate world.
2. During the workshop, child participants shared that they were able to handle certain situations at home because they understood the intentions and competence of others.
3. Senior citizens realized that they had made mistakes while raising their children and expressed a desire to start similar workshops in schools.

Prof. Gopal Babu- (Resource Person)
Dr. Parul Verma – (Cofacilitator)
Mr B N Pandey (Program Coordinator)
Dr. Upasana Mishar (Team Member)
Dr. Manishi Mishra (Team Member)
Mr. R.P.Singh (Team Member)

Workshop for female inmates of the Dasna Jail, Ghaziabad

VE Cell AKGEC conducted a 15-day workshop for female inmates of the Dasna Jail, Ghaziabad. We’re proud to share the impactful outcomes of the 15-day Universal Human Values workshop held at Dasna Jail! With dedicated sessions spanning two hours each day, female inmates were empowered to embrace important values like trust, respect, affection, and love. Led by the senior UHV Resource Persons, Dr. Parul Verma and Dr. Upasana Mishra, with the help of Dr. Nitya Sharma from AKGEC, Ghaziabad, the workshop fostered empathy and understanding among participants, inspiring them to rise above past mistakes and reshape their futures. By equipping inmates with tools for emotional management and promoting harmonious relationships, this initiative not only enhances the jail atmosphere but also lays a strong foundation for successful societal reintegration post-release. Together, we’re building a more compassionate and supportive community.

Significant Outcomes of the Workshop:

• The workshop helped jail inmates understand the importance of human values in their lives and recognise the root cause of problems.
• The workshop initiated empathy and respect within inmates, inspiring them to rise above past mistakes and reshape their future. This way, inmates can be guided towards a path of self-improvement, thereby reducing crime propensity and limiting the cycle of imprisonment.
• Promoting the release of stress and meaningful relaxation of the mind, inmates learned to manage their emotions more effectively, reducing instances of violence. It helped create a harmonious Jail atmosphere and promoted effective, humane management.
• The workshop equipped inmates with the tools and mindset for successful societal reintegration. It empowers them with self-understanding and respect for others, laying the foundation for healthier relationships post-release.