During the past two centuries, the world has witnessed phenomenal developments on our planet, primarily due to the explosive growth in scientific and technological knowledge. However, it is evident that our modern lifestyle is burdening our Earth. The need to use our natural resources wisely with recyclability is now being felt worldwide.
Keeping the above focus in mind, VE Cell at KGEC has taken a small but crucial step towards reducing the burden called 'Samridhhi Pravaah.' The objective of this activity is to strengthen the feeling of prosperity among the in-house AKGEC family members, aligned with the 3R principle: Recognize, Right Utilize, and Recycle to protect Mother Earth.

This activity aims to encourage anyone from AKGEC to share their excess resources, including electronic items, stationery, clothes, or any usable articles in good condition, with others. This initiative will undoubtedly reduce the burden on nature.

To elaborate, the Samridhhi Pravaah activity is an excellent example of the circular economy in action, where the 3R principle plays a vital role. The first R, Recognize, encourages individuals to recognize the value of the resources they have and identify their excess resources. The second R, Right Utilize, emphasizes that these resources can be used again by others in a better way, rather than being thrown away as waste. Lastly, the third R, Recycle, highlights the importance of recycling these resources to ensure that they are reused as many times as possible and do not contribute to the waste burden on our planet.

In conclusion, the Samridhhi Pravaah initiative is a significant step towards sustainability, and it is commendable that VE Cell at KGEC has taken this initiative to encourage the AKGEC family members to share resources and protect Mother Earth. We should all strive to adopt the 3R principle in our daily lives and take responsibility for our actions to ensure a sustainable future for our planet.