“Nirmaan, its not only about construction, its a creation!"

Nirmaan, the society of Civil Engineers of Akgec, is fully functional since the even semesters of 2014-15. Nirmaan came into existence purposefully, it was and it always will be to enhance the all-round development of the students, not only in academics but also practically and socially!

The on-field knowledge is a must for the students of Civil Engineering domain and we help them with the same. We have a counsel of some extremely qualified faculty and the guidance of our society seniors to help and motivate you to think, act and build!

“A building is not just a mere construction of bricks, its a beautiful painting carved with utter hardwork and passion of a civil engineer." And here, we start with our first step in the game!

The society has active involvement in national level paper presentation college event, ‘SCROLLS’, deciding the topics for the civil domain in Scrolls. The society also contributes in the college Tech-fests. We recently organised TECHNOSPARX, an event based on the interests of students in technical as well as creative fields.

The society recently organised ‘ANANT-SETU’, a bridge-making competetion open for all, from first year to the final year students. With active involvement of our members and the support of seniors, it proved to be a successful one.

The society, in future, plans to conduct various workshops on AutoCAD and STADD Pro and involve ourselves in various projects.

The society has been assigned under Mr. Atri Tyagi , Assistant Professor, Civil Department. Also, we actively participate in several events organised by colleges like ABES, JSS, IMS and KIET Ghaziabad.

With the completion of eighth semester and vacancies left behind by final year students, we recruit students every year from the Civil Branch only.

Be a part of the society, have the best-in-class guidance of the seniors, learn and you will definitely be having a lasting experience!

Aao kuchh kaam karein,Aao Nirmaan karein..