Adequate and Well Equipped Laboratories of CE Department

1. The department has the adequate number of laboratories as per requirement (strength of students in the department and number of labs / practical courses mentioned in syllabus scheme of the university (AKTU, Lucknow).

2. These laboratories are fully equipped with equipment and consumables.

3. These labs have all the basic as well as advanced level facilities to fulfill the requirements of UG level courses.

4. These laboratories are utilized by the students and faculty members of the CE department for performing the practical experiments, doing the Project Work and Research Activities (R & D).

5. Adequate Budget is planned and expenditure is done from the allocated fund to ensure the repairing of faulty equipment, purchase of consumables, lab equipment.

Lab Details

S.No. Name of the Laboratory / Lab Venue Lab Courses being Conducted for B. Tech. CE (both Odd
and Even Semester)
No. of Students per Setup (Batch Size) Name of the Important Equipment/Tool
1 Solid Mechanics Lab KCE- 452 28-32 Students
per Group
Mild Steel Tests
Charpy and IZOD
2 Survey and Geoinformatics Lab KCE- 352 28-32 Students
per Group
prismatic compass
Auto Level
Vernier and electronic theodolite
Electronic Total Station
Mirror stereoscopes
3 Geotechnical Lab KCE-552 28-32 Students
per Group
Core- Cutter
Liquid Limit
Plastic Limit
Direct Shear
4 Environmental Engineering Lab KCE 652 28-32 Students
per Group
TDS Meter
Ph Meter
5 Civil CAD Lab & B.P.D. Lab KCE-551
28-32 Students
per Group
37 PC with 36 PC having core i5 processor
with 8 GB RAM all equipped with windows 10.
1 server is maintained for camera work.
6 Structural detailing Lab KCE 653 28-32 Students
per Group
Maxwell’s Reciprocal
Two hinged
Three hinged
RCC Beams
RCC Slabs
RCC Columns
Earthquake Resistant Design

The department is equipped with the following labs (for Odd and Even Semesters)

  • Survey and Geoinformatics Lab
  • Building Material Testing Lab
  • Structural Analysis Lab
  • Geotechnical Lab
  • Transportation Engineering Lab
  • Environmental Engineering Lab
  • Civil CAD Lab & B.P.D. Lab
  • Fluid Mechanics & Hyd.Machines Lab
  • Structural detailing Lab