GOONJ the dramatic society of AKGEC representing the college in almost every dramatics domain including NUKKAD NATAK, PLAY, SKIT, MIME, STAND-UP, MONOACT, HINDI DEBATE, AD-MAD and many more. Consequently, Goonj has been victorious in numerous events bringing glory to the College’s name.

Dramatics is the learning and observing of various aspects in day to day life and bringing the results in the real world to bring change for the betterment of the society.

Goonj is the dramatics society of Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College which was founded in 2005. Dramatics is based truly on expressions whether it is for words or for acting. Goonj takes part in various fields of drama and has excelled in them. Nukkad natak is one of their main domain. They have always chosen burning social issues and been the mirror to the society. Apart from nukkad natak, they enthusiastically take part in stage plays, debate, skits, mime, monoact and many others. It is an actor’s job to grasp the full significance of life and this society truly proves it right.




JPS Society program :- Organised by JPS cultural society of Ghaziabad. The team was invited to perform a Play titled ‘MAZHAB’ which was based on the life of a soldier. The play was very well appreciated by the audience and also by the Chief Guest Retd. General V.K. Singh.

IIT-D Cultural fest ‘RENDEZVOUS’ :- The team participated in MIME, short movie and monoact competitions. Student Divyanshu Trivedi participated in the Mono-Act Competition and was among the final 12, again amongst prestigious colleges in the field of dramatics.

IIT-ROORKEE Cultural fest ‘THOMSO’ :- Organised in the month of October every year, The team participated in various competitions. The Nukkad-Natak performed was in the Final 6 and was very well appreciated by one and all. They were in the final round of Short movie Competition as well.


ZONALS Literary and Management :- Organised by AKTU in the month of September, the fest includes ad-mad competition in which a team had to prepare a short ADVERTISEMENT of about 3 minutes. The team performed an AD about a Restaurant and were 2nd at the zonals. Student Shubhangi Singh participated in the Hindi Debate competition and stood 2nd in the Zonals, later representing Ghaziabad at State level in Lucknow.

ABES Cultural fest ‘GENERO’ :- Organised by ABES in October of every year, the team performed a NUKKAD-NATAK ‘YUVA’ which was based on today’s condition of Youth and stood 1st in the competition. They maintained the streak by winning consecutively for 4 years.

PULSE :- Organised by AIIMS in the month of September 2016, it is the annual Socio-Cultural fest. The team performed a play titled ‘MAKHTUB’ based on the life of a person who is accidently arrested by police for being a terrorist.

IIT-D Cultural fest ‘RENDEZVOUS’ :- Organised in October of every year, the team participated in theatrical play, mime and short movie competitions. They stood 3rd in Mime competition, among prominent IITs and Delhi University colleges.

ZONALS Art and Cultural Fest :- Organised by AKTU in November 2016, the team performed a Skit named ‘GURU’ which was based on the Teachers and stood 2nd in the zonals.

GALGOTIA University Cultural Fest ‘G-Quasar’ :- Organised by GALGOTIA University in the month of March 2016, the team performed Nukkad-Natak ‘YUVA’ and stood 2nd in the competition, beating top DU colleges and were appreciated by the judges, who were from The National School of Drama.

Besides these, GOONJ also organises Intra college Hindi Debate Competition ‘BIGUL’ in which students debate on various Socio-Political topics.

GOONJ also organises Intra college competition ‘MUSHAYARA’, in association with FOOTPRINTS, in which students recites their poems, shayaris and ghazals.