The College has recognized that UHV (Universal Human Values) concepts are transformative in nature and require time for individuals to fully explore and assimilate. In order to create a conducive environment where students, faculty members, and staff can engage with these concepts, the College has implemented several policies. One of these policies is that each department will hold a UHV seminar every month, led by a faculty member.

The UHV seminars offer an opportunity for participants to engage in deep reflection and dialogue, with the aim of cultivating values such as love, truth and compassion. By exploring UHV concepts, participants will gain a better understanding of themselves, others, and the world around them. Through these seminars, the College aims to foster a community that is committed to personal and collective growth, and to creating positive change in society.

The details of UHV seminars held during the odd semester 2022-23 are as follows;

S. No. Department Total no. of UHV seminar held Presented by Topics
1 CSE 6 Dr. Shashank Sahu

Mr. Anuj Kumar Dwivedi

Mr. Akhilesh Verma

Mr. B.N. Pandey

●       Relationship: Trust

●       Role of Education

●       Team Development for the participation in Larger Order,

●       Understanding Proposal on self,

●       Proposal of Body as a Instrument of Self

●       Understanding Relationship: Respect

2 ECE 6 Dr. Seema Garg

Dr. Neelesh Gupta

Mr. Jitendra Chhabra

Mr. Gagandeep Singh

Mr. Abhishek Tiwari

Ms. Neha Garg

●       Role of Education in Holistic Development

●       Harmony in Human Being

●       Definiteness of Human Conduct

●       Values & Participation of Human Being

●       Harmony

●       Trust

3 EN 6 Mr. Ritesh Sharma

Mr. Mahendra Dwivedi

Mr. Parveen Dhull

Dr. J.G. Yadav

●       Right Understanding

●       Existence as Co-Existence

●       Feelings in Relationship: Trust

●       Basic Human Aspiration & its fulfilment

●       Understanding Human Being as Co-existence of Self & Body

●       Justice in Relationship

4 IT 5 Dr. Anu Chaudhary

Dr. Anupama Sharma

Mr. Sandeep Raj

Ms. Akanksha Shukla

Mr. Pancham Singh

●       Harmony in Family

●       Team Development

●       Coexistence of Self & Body

●       Role of Education

●       Respect

5 ME 6 Ms. Akriti Gupta

Mr. Anshul Panchbhaiya

Mr. Ashutosh Yadav

Dr. Kamal Mittal

Dr. Promod Bhatiya

Dr. Suman Gothwal

●       Justice in Relationship

●       Harmony in Self

●       Harmony in Society

●       Values in Human Relationship

●       Understanding Knowledge

●       Harmony in Nature

6 MCA 3 Ms. Arpna Saxena

Dr. B.K. Sharma

Dr. Saroj Bala

●       Human Value & Value Education

●       Exploration of Self Enhancing the working environment

●       Harmony in Self

7 CE 2 Mr. Animesh Rai

Mr. Ashish Vishwakarma

●       Maintaining the Harmony at all the 4 level

●       Expansion of Harmony from Self to entire existence

8 AS&H 6 Prof. S.L. Kapoor

Dr. Parul Verma

Dr. Vimlesh Mishra

Dr. Nitya Sharma

●       Role of Education

●       Leadership

●       Team Development

●       Harmony in Body

●       In search of Happiness

●       Harmony in Self