A Spiritual talk by Brahma Kumari (BK) Sangeeta Didi (14 October 2022)

Dates: 14th October, 2022
Duration: 2Hrs
Place: Main Seminar Hall, AKGEC
Total Participants –250
Master of Ceremonies- Four VE Cell Student Volunteers-
Miss Vaishnavi Mishra (2ndYr, CE)
Mr Aseem Jain (2ndYr, CSE AIML1)
Mr Arnav Singh Chauhan (2ndYr, ECE1)
Ms Swati Saxena (3rdYr, ECE3)


Value Education Cell, AKGEC organized a spiritual seminar on ‘HEALTHY, HAPPY AND HARMONIOUS RELATIONSHIPS’ on 14th October 2022 for all the B.Tech 2nd-year students from 10 AM to 12 PM in the Main Seminar Hall of the administrative block.

The speaker of the session was BK Sangeeta Didi. She, as a spiritualist, has been deeply studying the practical applications of Rajyoga meditation and knowledge in varied fields of life for the last 40 years. She has done spiritual services in many places in India as well as in other countries, including Mauritius, Singapore, Malaysia and Russia. Didi has been a regular facilitator at Air India (for their Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad and Cochin branches), Jet Airways, Singapore Airlines, Indian Oil Corporation, Ministry of Railways, BHEL, etc.

VE Cell students, Vaishnavi and Aseem, welcomed Didi and briefly introduced the topic to all the dignitaries and audience present in the session. Clarity of relationship and harmony was extracted as everybody’s aspiration, initiating the session. After that, Director General (DG), Dr. RK Agarwal, introduced the esteemed guest BK Sangeeta Didi. He very generously added that he is also under the constant mentoring of Didi. DG’s statement that he is in the “Palna of Didi”, directly touched the audience’s heart and motivated everyone to be more attentive throughout the session.

After DG sir’s address, BK Sangeeta Ji also spoke kind words for such a visionary Director General, who is a guide, a mentor and a well-wisher to his students, rather than only being a Director General of such a prestigious institute. After her one-hour spiritual talk on the topic, she responded to everybody’s questions and doubts with calmness and clarity. She engaged everyone in her speech; the examples she used for better understanding were very much related to day-to-day issues, so they were truly comprehended by everybody. The students and everyone in the hall were impressed and influenced by her simplicity and how she handled the questions. The chanting of OM SHANTI was full of peace and serenity.

She enlightened the minds to understand the real meaning of relationships in life, and she talked about the state of detachment. She perplexed the audience with beautiful lines about relationships like relationships should be based on ‘What we think, feel and interpret’ not on ‘what we speak or how we speak’
No one is wrong, in fact, ‘Each one of us is different’; Don’t just give advice only, ‘Give blessing to the soul to have the power to change the Sanskaar’.

With these blessed lines, she also told about five equations for a harmonious life, listed below:
Equation 1: Advise their good, not my mind’s happiness.
Equation 2: Everyone is right in their own way
Equation 3: Detachment is the best gift for the family because it guarantees that I will be strong and stable whatever happens.
Equation 4: I have the potential to respect my pure feelings – whatever happens, being genuine.
Equation 5: I will take the initiative to do any pure act.

She helped in observing thoughts, views and issues related to the misconceptions in relationships and gave several examples where life became easy and joyful with the understanding of feelings in a relationship. Various effective examples include mother-children, friends, spouses, etc., and relationships, which almost every one of us often experiences.

Didi also advised everybody to meditate for at least 2-3 minutes between hectic working hours, which certainly boosts productivity, improves mental health, and helps in becoming a better observer of things. She said mediation helps to heal self in difficult situations. She also helped the audience to manage feelings, anger, and emotions while interacting with friends and family.

The session ended with the following homework for the audience to contemplate:

I have great respect for myself – I am a peaceful, loving, happy, very powerful soul, come what may. Even if anyone says something or under any circumstances, no disturbance, dejection,doubt on me the “Soul”or feeling disrespected. I will always create blessings for others.

The powerful session was completed with her blessings. Concluding the event, the honorable DG presented a memento to the charismatic guest as a token of appreciation with a feeling of gratitude. Swati Saxena, VE Cell student, gave a vote of thanks. In the end, a 10-point online Quiz contest based on the contents discussed in the session was conducted, followed by a reward ceremony.

The winners of the quiz were:
[1] Vandit Mishra of ECE-3 (Score 10/10)
[2] Snehal Shukla of ECE-3 (Score 9/10)
[3] Nav Khanna of ECE-2 (Score 9/10)

The feedback from all the participants was very positive and encouraging. Everybody is looking forward to many more such life-related seminars based on spirituality to learn more about self-exploration, self-respect, right understanding, trust and self-evolution.

ERUDITION' 22 (29 January 2022) GreenMan

Value Education Cell, AKGEC, organized the second webinar of the Erudition’22 on “Right to Environment” on 29 January 2022. The webinar was presented by Shri Vijay Pal Baghel, The Greenman of India and a global green leader, honored with more than 100 National and International awards. Around 400 participants including Director, Deans, Head of Departments, Faculties and Students attended the webinar. The webinar was held at Zoom and the same was live on YouTube Channel of Value Education Cell, AKGEC.

The session had been very interactive and exploratory for all the attendees. He discussed about the arising problems which we all are facing due to global warming. He also discussed about the importance of trees. He also told that according to one of the survey there should be 500 trees for each person. He discussed about the importance of oxygen and also told that we require approximately 15-20 kg of oxygen each day. He told the attendees various interesting facts about forests like the names of various countries having an appropriate green cover and told about their effort of maintaining the same.


After the session, Q&A session was held in which faculties and students participated enthusiastically. At the end of the webinar quiz and feedback form was shared in which approximately 350 students and various faculty members actively participated and responded very well. The main finding of the webinar was how to identify the gaps in understanding sustainable development and various technologies. Also how to save the trees and to plant more and more trees because trees are essential for the existence of life on Earth.

All the participants enjoyed and benefited from the webinar and desire to attend such more webinar. The participants are determined by the enthusiasm of the speaker and many of them are inspired from their work. After seeing the dedication, determination and devotion of the speaker many of the students are interested in continuing the legacy of the speaker of saving the tress and doing more for our environment and for the future of our young ones.

ERUDITION' 22 (22 January 2022) Dr. T Sundara Raj Perumall

Value Education Cell, AKGEC, organized the first webinar of the Erudition’22 on “Strengthening Immunity with Healthy Lifestyle” on 22 January, 2022. The webinar was presented by Dr. T Sundara Raj Perumall, Director of Arogyadhatri Ayurveda Research Institute, Visakhapatnam. Around 500 participants including Director General, Deans, Head of Departments, faculty members and students attended the webinar. The webinar was held at Zoom and the same was live on YouTube Channel of Value Education Cell, AKGEC.

The session had been very interactive and exploratory for all the attendees. Dr. T Sundara Raj Perumall started the session with an explanation about Lifestyle disorders followed by the indicators of Health. He also suggested to add some species and herbs while boiling water to purify and enhance the properties of water. He discussed about correct breathing pattern, benefits of yoga and exercise for eye lens.


After the session, Q&A session was held in which faculty members and students participated enthusiastically. At the end of the webinar, quiz and feedback form was shared in which approximately 200 students actively participated and responded very well.
The main finding of the webinar was that for Healthy Lifestyle our proper daily routine, intake of nutritious, digestible, excretable and compatible food, proper intake of water, sunlight and early morning exercise and yoga is must.

All the participants enjoyed and benefitted from the webinar and are desirous to attend such more webinars.

"Managing Expectations" - A Spiritual talk by Brahma Kumari (BK) Sangeeta Didi (27 November 2021)

Expectations are deeply rooted in every human being. Most of the time, it is the expectations that derives our feelings, thoughts, and actions. However, many times it become a common source of stress in our lives. This happens when expectations exceed the limit. We tend to expect a lot from the person we think close to or loved one. We simply took rights to expect more than our limit toward with whom we are expecting. When the expectation breaks, we tend to lose simple happiness and feel depressed with what we didn’t get. That’s why it becomes important to understand and review our expectations.

In view of the above, VE Cell AKGEC organized an offline session on “Managing Expectations" conducted by BK Sangeeta Didi, a CA and Tax Consultant by profession, now a spiritualist from the well-known organization Brahma Kumaris. She has been a facilitator in many prestigious organizations.


The session was held on 27th November 2021 (Saturday) from 11:00 AM- 12:00 PM followed by meditation and Q&A. The session started with the introduction of the speaker by the Director General.

All Deans, HODs, FMs, Section ICs and staff attended the session. All Deans, HODs, Professors, Associate Professors and Section ICs attended the session in Main Seminar Hall and found very useful, explorative and informative.

"Transforming Stress into Strength" - A Spiritual talk by Brahma Kumari (BK) Sangeeta Didi (20 June 2021)

VE Cell AKGEC has organized an online webinar on “Transforming Stress into Strength” on 20 June 2020 conducted by BK Sangeeta Didi. Around 230 participants including DG/Deans/HODs/FMs/ Staff attended the webinar.

The webinar was focused on finding our innate potential where we can ensure stress free life. The main finding of the session was that our own thoughts impact our Sanskaar as well as other’s Sanskaar. Didi also told us about Spiritual Bank Balance where we are lacking today. All the participants enjoyed the session and desired to attend such more sessions.


ERUDITION' 20 (11 October 2020) Dr. Gopal Babu

The third webinar of the Erudition’20 series, “Studies on the Inherent Interconnectedness and Co-existence in Nature through Ecological, Scientific and Spiritual Evidences” had been organized on October 11, 2020 Sunday. Over 90 people had benefited by the talk of our knowledgeable speaker, Dr Gopal Babu. VE cell got an inspiration to organize this series of webinars from our respected Director General, Dr. R. K. Agarwal. He had always been a source of encouragement for students and faculties for organizing such events. The team had got able guidance of Professor V. K. Parashar for the planning of the event.

The Greenman of India Shri Vijay Pal Baghel has also marked his gracious presence during the event. The faculty members of VE Cell have provided their support in lining up the webinar successfully. Dr Sonali Patle had hosted the webinar. She had made the audience acquainted with the topic of webinar and introduced the speaker. Dr Parul Verma has proposed vote of thanks.


Dhairya Saraswat, Himanshu Mishra, Devansh Bhatnagar, Prakanshu Sahu, Shubham Pandey and other student members of the VE Cell had envisioned and managed technical execution very efficiently during the conduct of the whole event. The session had been very interactive and exploratory for all the attendees. Dr Gopal Babu had started the session with explanation of difference between Interconnectedness and Co-existence and their implications. Then he had explained very basic aspects like ecology, Darwin’s theory, quantum theory and students got connected with the speaker soon.

Furthermore, he had put the role of each unit with respect to nature, universe and space with various theories and numerous examples. He had made attendees participate in between and also explained the process of self-regulation of body, ecological system by several examples. He had not only explained the Co-existence in view of biological and scientific point of view but he has also explained that how it is connected with the spiritual and philosophical aspects. He had very well explained the interconnection of science and spiritual studies.

He had brought into notice of audience that this interconnectedness can be seen in variety of domains like Buddhism, Jainism, The Honey Doctrine (‘Madhu Vidya’), Concept of ‘Yajna’, Ubuntu Philosophy. Principle of Non-Violence (‘Ahimsa’). Principle of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’. Madhyasth Darshan (Sah-astitvavad). Overall, the session was so insightful and captivating for all the attendees. He had made attendees clear about the importance of each and every unit in larger order and encouraged everyone to keep walking on the path of harmony.

Students and faculties had asked questions related to science, biological system, ecology, various doctrines of philosophy etc. and the speaker had generously answered all of them. In addition to that, after the question and answer round, a quiz based on webinar’s topics was also conducted for the students. Most of the attendees had reviewed the webinar as the most informative and fruitful session and have desired for more such sessions to be held regularly in the future. Everyone felt blessed that they have got such an opportunity to join this insightful and effective session.

ERUDITION' 20 (5 July 2020) GreenMan

‘Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”–Oprah Winfrey. This explains the cause of the webinar organised by Nature Club, VE Cell AKGEC, Ghazibad. Around 100 people took part in the first webinar of the series on 05-July, 2020 Sunday to learn some expert advice on “Impact of Covid-19 on Global Environment” from our environmentalist speaker, Shri. Vijay Pal Baghel, the Green man of India. Faculties and students have participated enthusiastically in the webinar, which was well indicated by the number of questions received during the whole session.

VE cell got inspiration from Director general Dr R K Agarwal. Dr R K Agarawal always motivates and encourages for organising such events. The team has got able guidance of Professor V K Parashar and Shri Gopal Babu for the planning and execution of the event. Mr Dheeraj Kumar Singh has facilitated presence of the speaker. Dr Sonali Patle has hosted the webinar. She has introduced audience with the topic of webinar and issues related to environmental.


Students of the Nature club, VE cell have managed technical conceptualization and execution during whole event. Shri Vijay Pal Baghel has inspired the audience with his immense dedication towards the environment and its conservation. He has explained many critical environmental issues in a very simplified manner. He has discussed about very ambitious project of 1400 Km long Green Wall, approach towards sustainable development and traditional Indian practices to fight with Covid-19. The speaker had given three top tips for making our environment healthy; Realize your own responsibility; make arrangement of your portion of oxygen for future by yourself.

Plants and trees are the factories of oxygen. Plant more trees and take care of them, wherever and whenever possible. Be it in any form an outdoor, indoor plant or vertical garden. He inspired all the attendees to manage our life and our environment during and post Covid period. He has also brought into consideration the disposal of huge amount of masks, gloves and biological waste being generated due to Covid. Shre Baghel has impacted everyone with his humble and able guidance. Two major points impacted the most were, don’t look at anyone for conservation of your environment rather do it yourself and planting trees is the only hope to secure our health and our environment’s health. In addition to that he has discussed positive and negative impacts of Covid-19 on the Environment.

Many attendees sent in their questions and key challenges when it comes to environment management. The speaker has very effectively interacted with the attendees and resolved their queries. After the questions, Students have participated in the quiz very enthusiastically.

Programme has got diversity of feedbacks which majorly included that with the help of this webinar, they got to know the projects currently going on in India and they could self explore about usefulness of trees. Many have said they want to plant more trees to secure their future. Some participants have mentioned that they like the idea of the importance of trees and how it was linked with our past and future and many more. Most of the attendees have desired to have more such events in future and wanted to be part of that.

Most impactful statement mentioned by the attendees was;
पेड़ कम नहीं हो रहे है, साँसे कम हो रही है ।