In view of the increasing problems of global warming, deforestation, ozone layer depletion, pollution and many more due to modern development, it is believed globally that the awareness about the present status of the environment to sensitize people about the inherent relationships with Nature has become very important.

With the above objective, Value Education Cell, AKGEC has established ‘Nature Club’ which is committed not only to spreading awareness about the problems but also to motivate students to find solutions to the problems in the light of inherent relationships. The effort will improve the competence of students to contribute towards the sustainability of nature and avoid environmental degradation in their individual capacity as well as in groups.

The club organized the event VASUDHA-2K19 during 15-19 April, 2019. During the event various competitions like Poster Making and Creative Ideas on enrichment, protection and right utilization of nature and Best Out of Waste were organized. The club celebrated International Earth Day on 22 April, 2019.