Student Achievements Technical 2023 - 24

“30Hacks” Hackathon organised by Hitachi x GlobalLogic

Team VidyutKavach from Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College was recently selected to participate in the “30Hacks" Hackathon organized by Hitachi x GlobalLogic. The event took place on March 14th and 15th, 2024. The team successfully advanced to the Finale Round and emerged as the First Prize winner in the “Sustainable Energy Solutions" category, earning a reward of Rs. 4 Lakh. Additionally, they received internship offers and the opportunity to showcase their business idea, potentially securing funding in exchange for equity. Their project, “VidyutKavach," is a Cyber-Secure Web-Based Energy Management System that employs a multi-layered strategy to ensure security and integrity. This includes utilizing an MQTT broker server for IoT authentication, Network-Based Signature IDPS, Host-Based Heuristic IDPS, and SOAR. It's worth noting that the students intend to pursue this project as a startup.

Shankara Global Hackathon at Shankara Group of Institutions, Jaipur

Team VidyutKavach from Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College has been selected for the “Shankara Global Hackathon" organized by Shankara Group of Institutions, Jaipur. The event, held on March 1st and 2nd, 2024, saw Mr. Anuj Kumar, Assistant Professor of CSE, serving as the faculty mentor for Team VidyutKavach. The student members of this project include Shashwat Singh (CSE(DS)), Gracy Gupta (CS), Utkarsh Singh (CSE), Rohit Somvanshi (CSE(DS)), Mohd Anas Khan (CSE), and Shifa Saeed (CSE(DS)). The team excelled, advancing to the Final Round and clinching the First Prize for “Most Innovative Idea," with a winning prize of Rs. 5,100. Their project, “VidyutKavach," is a Cyber-Secure Web-Based Energy Management System, featuring a multi-layered security approach that includes an MQTT broker server for IoT authentication, Network-Based Signature IDPS, Host-Based Heuristic IDPS, and SOAR. Furthermore, the students harbor aspirations to develop this project into a startup.

Smart India Hackathon 2023

A moment of pride for AKGEC as four teams, namely Justice Link , Swasthya Sahayak , Tech Conquer, and Technovertz comprising 24 students were announced as the winners of Smart India Hackathon-2023 (Software Edition) at Kolkata, Raigarh, Guwahati and Amravati. These 4 winning teams, each team has six participats, were awarded a prize amount of Rs 1 lakh for each problem statement. Congratulations to the talented teams for their remarkable achievements!

For the Smart India Hackathon 2023 grand finale, an impressive total of 18 teams from both the software and hardware editions were selected from AKGEC. This sets a record as the highest number of teams selected from any public or private university/institute in Uttar Pradesh and places AKGEC among the top 10 institutes in India. Kudos to the teams for their outstanding contributions and success in the competition!

The first winner team Swasthya Sahayak has provided AI Based Designing of Assistive portal for Stakeholders in Approval Process that serves a pivotal role in approving and regulating technical education institutions across India. This approval process is designed to uphold standards and guidelines, ensuring the delivery of quality education within a standardized framework. Despite its critical function, the current approval process encounters challenges that impede its efficiency and effectiveness.

The Second winner team Justice link has provided Tech driven solutions for under trial prisoners to address the challenges faced by undertrial prisoners in India, including legal aid, access to justice, and rehabilitation.

The third winning Team Technovertz has provided Virtual Zoo that is focused on Design software and hardware to display holograms of existing and extinct species of flora and fauna to depict complex ecosystems from various parts of the world.

The Fourth Winning team Tech Conqueror has provided Cybersecurity enabled smart controller for grid connected microgrid that aims to develop a cybersecurity-enabled smart controller specifically designed for grid-connected microgrids. The smart controller will play a crucial role in ensuring the secure and efficient operation of the microgrid, protecting it from cyber threats and unauthorized access.

The Smart India Hackathon has witnessed a widening scope since its inception in 2017. The enthusiasm among participating students and problem-statement providing organizations has grown significantly, leading to increased participation each year. The event serves as a national platform, impacting lakh of students and allowing them to apply their educational learning to solve real-world challenges.

Dr. R K Agarwal, Director General, commended the AKGEC Institute Innovation Cell for its excellent work in innovation and entrepreneurship. He encouraged all students to work smartly and focus on finding innovative solutions to problems that are relevant to society.


The student teams from Department of Mechanical Engineering, Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College participated and won One First Prize and Three Second Prizes in “CII – MAJESTIC SKILL-WILL-LEAD”, an inter-college engagement program promote skills and knowledge in the field of Mechanical Engineering, during 1st – 3rd November 2023, held at KIET Ghaziabad, IMS Ghaziabad, GLBITM Greater Noida, Sharda University Greater Noida and Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College (AKGEC) Ghaziabad.

Student Achievements Technical 2022 - 23


We team INNOVATORS and ELECTRON of 2nd year AKGEC went to Electrathon-2023, a collaboration between LLOYD and ARC Global, which was a seven-day electric mobility-focused event held at LLOYD Institute of Engineering and Technology, Greater Noida, U.P. The event focused on a specific problem statement aimed at improving transportation for students in Delhi NCR's Knowledge Park area. Participants had to design and manufacture a single-seater electric bicycle powered by an electric motor within the timeframe of the event. For the successful completion of project, we had taken help of AKGEC skills foundation such as Fronius.


The training sessions at Electrathon 2023 covered a range of topics like vehicle dynamics, design methods, design chronology, and principles. Sessions relating to the feasibility of electric vehicles in the consumer market and battery technology were also conducted. The sessions were informative. The training sessions were from 15-6-23 to 17-6-23.

Electrathon 2023 featured a highlight competition where participants showcased their innovative builds. Teams from different institutes presented solutions for real-world challenges and were evaluated based on creativity, feasibility, and technical proficiency.

There were three rounds of presentations namely Innovation, Business, and Design. After clearing the three rounds, next was the Technical Inspection round. On the final day of the event, that is 21-6-23, there were four rounds of tests: Brake Test, Acceleration Test, Steering Test, Maneuver, and Endurance Test.

Panel discussion:
At the Panel discussion, Electrathon 2023 focused on the future of electric mobility in India, featuring seminars on e-waste management and wireless charging. The exhibition area showcased the latest products in the electric vehicle industry.

Key Learnings:
Electric Vehicle is an emerging market in India with the government providing support through various schemes like FAME.
Collaboration and interdisciplinary approaches are crucial for solving complex technological challenges. The importance of staying updated with the latest trends and advancements in the ever-evolving field of technology.


● The team INNOVATORS has showcased an exemplary performance in the competition, surpassing all expectations and emerging as the unrivaled leaders. They have not only achieved outstanding results in the competition but has also secured the coveted first position for their exceptional Business plan.

● The team Electron dominated the competition with their exceptional design skills, securing the coveted first position in the best Design category. Their impeccable execution, creativity, and attention to detail propelled them to the top, setting a new standard for excellence.


Electrathon 2023 provided a platform for networking, learning, and idea exchange among participants. The workshop, competition, and seminar sessions were highly informative and well-received.


The Rajasthan “IT Day” Hackathon 7.0 event was organized by the Department of Information Technology and Communication, and Government of Rajasthan. It aimed to promote innovation and entrepreneurship among the youth of the Country. Total 3400 teams participated making it a great success.

The Rajasthan IT Day Hackathon witnessed some outstanding projects and ideas. The team KRISHAK from Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College (AKGEC), Ghaziabad emerged as the winner for their innovative solution to enhance the agriculture sector of India using IoT and Machine Learning. Second position was bagged by Chandigarh University, Chandigarh and third by Kota Engineering College, Kota

The team comprised five members – Vishal Mishra (IT 3rd Year), Akash Kumar Yadav (IT 3rd Year), Tanishq Srivastava (CSIT 3rd Year), Shirshendu Lahri (IT 3rd Year), and Ujjwal Kasera (CS 3rd Year). Their project aimed to promote precise farming by using IoT devices and Machine Learning algorithms to monitor soil moisture, temperature, and other parameters to provide farmers with real-time data and insights. The solution also included a mobile application that provided personalized recommendations to farmers for crop selection, irrigation, and fertilization based on the data collected.

The team’s innovative solution received high praise from the judges, who were impressed by their technical skills, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. The team was awarded the first prize and a cash prize of Rs.25 lakh by the Chief Secretary of Rajasthan, Mrs Usha Sharma, Education Minister of Rajasthan Dr. B. D. Kalla.

The team members were ecstatic and said that the win was the result of their hard work and dedication. They also expressed their gratitude towards their mentors and the organizers for providing them with the platform to showcase their skills and ideas.


Students of Department of Computer Science and Engineering along with students of IT Departement participated in final round of HackOverFlow & Date-a-thon 2023 project competition which was held from 20-21 January 2023 in offline mode at Indian Institute of Technology , Jodhpur , Rajasthan.

Prometeo is a remarkable event that brings together students from across the country to advance technical knowledge and zest among the youth of India.

Prometeo is the largest Technical and Entrepreneurial Fest in North-Western India. It received a huge participant registration of approximately 5,000 individuals from all across the nation.

Prometeo had received a strong positive response from all over India, with a significant eruption of involvement from Rajasthan itself. PROMETEO’23 was conducted with the vision of upskilling students through events of different technical and entrepreneurial domains, connecting with various tech leaders and inspiring entrepreneurs and providing a platform for the comprehensive exchange of innovative ideas. The participation turned out to be very fruitful as the students had a very knowledgeable experience.

This year nearly 100 projects from different colleges of India were presented. Out of which 13 were selected for the final round of HackOverFlow & Date-a-thon held on 22 January. In the final round 2 projects out of these 13 won the below mentioned prizes in HackOverflow and 1 project out of 13 won in Date-a-thon : Project Name Faculty Mentor Student Name Student Roll No Student Branch/ Year Prize
1. CAREERSOME Dr. Avdhesh Gupta Divyanshu Rana 2100271530036 CSE(AIML) 2nd Year

1st Prize


In HackOverFlow

Anubha Sharma 2100271540014 CSE(DS) 2nd Year
Raghav Awasthi 2100270100122 CSE 2nd Year
Parv Mittal 2100271530052 CSE(AIML) 2nd Year
Kanan Agrawal 2100271530043 CSE(AIML) 2nd Year

Dr. Aditya Pratap


Aditya Varshney 2100271530008 CSE(AIML) 2nd Year

2nd Prize


In Date-a-thon

Keshav Gupta 2100270100086 CSE 2nd Year
3. GROWTH Mr. Lucknesh Kumar Pushkar Khare 2100270100120 CSE 2nd Year



In HackOverFlow

Virat Gupta 2100271530089 CSE(AIML) 2nd Year
Anshika Puri 2100270110015 CSIT 2nd Year
Siddhant Gurung 2100270130170 IT 2nd Year
Saumya Srivastava 2100270130155 IT 2nd Year

Shankara Hackathon 2023

AKGEC had a proud moment at Shankara Hackathon 2023, where 4 teams from AKGEC has represented in this event. Team SignGo won 1st, prize with a cash prize of Rs. 50,000. This year, 50 projects from different colleges in North India were presented. Kudos to the team.


AKGEC had a proud moment at Anveshna 2023, where 3 out of 15 projects brought laurels to the college. Team Visual Acuity Test, Fitgo, and E-drishti won 1st, 3rd, and 5th prizes, respectively, with a total cash prize of Rs. 60,000.This year 89 projects from different colleges of North India were presented. Our college students presented 35 projects out of which 15 were selected for the final round held on 9-10 February.

Students of Department of Computer Science and Engineering along with school students participated in final round of ANVESHNA 2023 project competition which was held from 9-10 February 2023 in offline mode at National Science Centre,Pragati Maidan,Delhi. This competition is organized by Agastya International Foundation in association with Synopsis, Noida. Originally it has been organized in Bangalore and Hyderabad and now is being hosted in the NCR region from the last few years.

The competition is a mentor-mentee program on engineering level projects. The projects were developed by engineering college students and two school students (from class VII to Class X) were trained by them regarding the technologies used and underlying concepts of science. The projects were presented to the jury members (experienced academicians and industry experts) by the school students under the guidance of the college students on the specified dates. The jury members judged the project according to the set benchmarks.

This year 89 projects from different colleges of North India were presented. Our college students presented 35 projects out of which 15 were selected for the final round. The details are as follows: Project Name Faculty Mentor Student Name Student Roll No Student Branch/ Year School Students Prize
1. VISUAL ACUITY TEST Dr. Shivani Agarwal Aakanksha Verma 2000270130001 CSIT 3rd Year Punit & Pinkshikha, (Composite School, Ghaziabad) 1stPrize (Rs. 30,000)
Anchal 2000270110010 CSE 3rd Year
2. FITGO Mr. Anurag Gupta Piyush Rai 2000270130118 IT 3rd Year Amman and Nipun,(DTEA, Delhi)


(Rs. 20,000)

Vaibhav Yadav 2000270120118 CS 3rd Year
3. E-DRISHTI Dr. Pratima Singh Ishita Kapoor 2000270100085 CSE 3rd Year Nadra and Shaajia,(Senior Secondary School, Paharganj, Delhi)


(Rs. 10,000)

Mohd. Omar Siddique 2000271540037 CSE-DS 3rd Year

The event turned out to be very fruitful and has motivated other students as well for participation in such events in near future. We at AKGEC provide a healthy environment for students and also provide them suitable resources in order to grow and gain such competitive experience.


Among the 1500+ national-level participants, four students from Software Development Centre-SI, Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College, Ghaziabad, have made their college proud by bagging the First Runner-Up prize in the Paradigm Hackathon at Shiv Nadar University. The Rs.50000 prize pool included a cash prize of Rs.12000 and additional benefits such as AWS credits and Canva Pro. The talented students – Ayush Raghuwanshi, Suhail Ahmad, Vaidic Dodwani, and Dhruv Goyal, all second-year students, developed an International Shipment Management System that can predict the price of international shipments using AI technology. Their innovative solution stood out among the many entries and was highly praised by the judges for its practicality and potential impact on the industry. This success is a testament to the students' hard work, dedication, and technical skills, and it is a great achievement for Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College.

UNESCO India Africa Hackathon 2022

Smart India Hackathon 2022

A Proud moment for AKGEC in SIH 2022 again as the 7 teams (BLOCKRIDGE, IDEAL-BITS, Blazes (Joint Winner), Supa-Solvers (Joint Winner) and Swasthya Vardhak (Joint Winner), Team ALPHA GEEKS, Team PROXYMORONS, comprising 30 students were announced as the winners of Smart India Hackathon-2022 (Software Edition) at Guwahati, Bangalore, and Coimbatore. The winners of each problem statement awarded by prize amount of Rs 1 lakh.

For the SIH 2022 grand finale, 14 teams for both software and hardware edition were selected from AKGEC, i.e., the highest number of teams selected from any public or private university/Institute in UP and the top 10 institutes in India.

From AKGEC, Team Ideal Bits under Nitesh Pandey developed an application to facilitate IPR filing for the grassroots community and Team Blazes under Ankur Rawat provided a solution to develop a platform to support the One District One Product (ODOP) initiative. These problem statements were given under Startup India Section by the department for the promotion of industry and internal trade (DPIT), Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Team Swasthyavardhak under Garima Saroj developed a software application for interpreting doctor's notes using handwriting recognition and deep learning techniques; Dell Technologies, Bangalore, India, gave this problem. Team Supasolvers under Vaibhav Bansal developed a system electronically for detecting occupancy of beds in Hospitals. This problem statement was given by the Government of Rajasthan. Team Blockridge under Apoorv Maheshwari developed an application for accessing visual information (written information) by persons with visual disabilities. This problem was given by the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (Divyangjan), Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment

In the SIH Hardware Category, Team ALPHA GEEKS under the team leader Ishan Singh developed a Drone and the team PROXYMORONS under Ayush Rawat developed a blockchain application for tagging farming products. These Problem statements were given by the AICTE MIC student innovation and NIFTEM Thanjavur, Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI), respectively.

Gp Capt (Dr) R.K. Agarwal, Director General, encouraged AKGEC Institute Innovation cell to continue the excellent work towards Innovation and entrepreneurship and encouraged all the students to work smartly on finding innovative solutions to the problems that are relevant to society.


SUPRA SAEINDIA Student Formula is a national-level student competition, organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers India, where students from various colleges from all over India participate to develop, design, fabricate, test, and manufacture open-wheel racing cars to compete with other teams. This event is conducted at the Buddh International Circuit, BIC Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

A true engineering competition that tests the skills and knowledge of students on practical grounds. The spirit of competition is filled with enthusiasm and learning. Team Bravado Motorsport is a professional student formula team that participated in this event organized from 22nd August to 25th August 2022. The team had won several laurels for the college in the last few years.

To admire such fantastic spirits, the college provides the best facilities available including needed technologies such as 3D Printing, CNC Machining, and industrial welding instruments; AKGEC Skills Foundation plays a vital role in it. The Center of Excellence in the college takes care of such facilities and helps students to work on industrial-grade machines. With this, we aim for higher goals for our students' future endeavors.

Student Achievements Technical 2021 - 22

Participation in Vigyan Sarvatra Pujyate Exhibition

The Government of India has launched the “Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav” initiative to celebrate and commemorate 75 years of progressive India and the glorious history of its people, culture and achievements.

This ‘Mahotsav’ is an opportunity to celebrate Science &Technology achievements over the 75 years through programs that inspire our youth and help them navigate into building a progressive nation, the essential essence of the initiative being to connect the youth to our rich cultural heritage.

This event is jointly organized by DST, DBT, CSIR, MoES, DAE, DOS, ICMR, AICTE, and DRDO under the leadership of the office of the Principal Scientific Officer to the Government of India and the Ministry of Culture.
Under the aegis of the program, AICTE provided AKGEC an opportunity to showcase student projects at their stall during the exhibition Vigyan Sarvatra Pujyate, held at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi, during 22-28 February, 2022.

AKGEC students, Ms. Vanshika Chaurasia, B. Tech. IV year EN and Mr. Tarun, B. Tech IV year ME, presented their project “Robot Integrated Material Handling System” during the exhibition. The project is a

Smart Material Handling System that provides a solution to manage a high variety of product movement on the shop floor and a Robotic solution for FMCG Industry to automate the most tedious, dull, and unsafe tasks in the production process. The major hardware applied in the project include Industrial Robotic Arm – KUKA KR3, Schmalz Vacuum Modular Gripper Set, Vacuum Generator – SMPi 25 IMP RD M12-5 and Profibus Communication Module.

Student Achievements Technical 2020 - 21


Students of Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College along with school students participated in ANVESHNA PROJECT COMPETITION 2021 which concluded on 15 March, 2021 virtually on Zoom platform due to Covid-19.

Anveshana Delhi NCR-2021 (Science and Engineering Fair)–is the culmination of several months’ effort and collaboration between Government School pupils and Engineering College Students in the spirit of scientific enquiry. A bridge of knowledge and mentoring has been built between college students and school students. This Program is being conducted every year from 2012 in Bangalore, from 2014 in Hyderabad, from 2016 in Delhi NCR and from 2019 in Mumbai. Anveshana is conducted by Agastya International Foundation and Synopsys India pvt ltd. Agastya is Bangalore based NGO and Synopsys is US Based IT Consulting firm, with offices in northern and southern part of India.

This year 40 Finalist has been selected out of 150 Projects received from 22 Engineering Colleges from Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, UP and MP and then they added 2 Schools students in each team from different 32 Government Schools from all 5 states mentioned above. Due to Covid-19, this program was conducted virtually through Zoom Application. Chief Guest, Mr. Dharmendra Kumar, Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs Joined the Valedictory ceremony with Agastya's Chairman, Ramji Raghavan, Head of Operation, Mr. Sai Chandrasekhar, General Manager-Programs-TS Suresh and Lead HR-Synopsys, Shahla Sultana. Two jury, Dr. Prakash from Shiv Nadar University and Mr. Deepak Rai from NIT, Patna, joined for the evaluation process and seen all 40 Finalist Team Presentation scheduled between 9th to12th March, 2021 and helped to find out top 10 teams to be awarded.

Initially, out of 6 teams from our college, four teams were qualified for finals. However out of four, only one team qualified in final round of Anveshna 2021. Students who qualified in finals won 5th prize worth Rs. 10,000 for their project titled “Real-Time Face Mask Detector”. The project was highly admired by the audience as well as judges perhaps our students were unable to groom the school students up to the level of 1st prize winning students.


Students of Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College participated in SHANKARA HACKATHON 2021 was during 19-20 March, 2021 at Shankara Institute of Technology, Jaipur.

SHANKARA HACKATHON is a 36 hour continuous design sprint-like event in which computer programmers and others involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers, project managers and others often including domain experts, collaborate intensively on software projects.

The competition was organized by Shankara Group of Institutions in association with TEQIP-III and Rajasthan Technical University, Jaipur. The event was inaugurated by Shri. Kalraj Mishra, Hon'ble Governor of Rajasthan, along with the special Guest of Honour H.E. Julius Pranevicius, Ambassador of Lithuania in India, and Shri. Subhash Garg, Hon’ble Minister for Technical Education, Government of Rajasthan.

Around 130 projects were presented from different colleges all over India. Our college students presented two projects out of which the project titled “Smart Education System during Lockdown” won the First prize of Rs.25,000. Both projects were highly appreciated by the jury.

The closing ceremony was honoured by Shri. Ashwani Kumar Choubey, Hon’ble Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare, and the special Guest of Honour was H.E. Dr. All Chegenl, Ambassador of Iran in India, Shri. Subhash Garg, Hon’ble Minister of Technical Education, Government of Rajasthan, Dr. D.Y. Patil, Former Governor of Tripura, Bihar and West Bengal and Founder of D.Y. Patil University, and Prof. R.A. Gupta, (Hon’ble Vice – Chancellor, RTU, Kota.

Shankara Hackathon
Shankara Hackathon
Shankara Hackathon
Shankara Hackathon


Considering the use of Plasma Therapy in treatment of Covid19 and the urgent need to connect the Covid19 patients with the Plasma donors (recovered Covid 19 individuals), AKGEC students Deepesh Kumar (CSE, IV year) and Rachit Yadav (IT, IV Year) developed an App JIVIN ( that facilitates to connect the Covid19 patient with the prospective plasma donors in real-time based on their location. The app will definitely help to overcome the existing challenge of finding a donor and thus save lives.

Jivin App

Student Achievements Technical 2019 - 20

Shankara Hackathon

The team TECHNOXIANS, a project team of B.Tech students at AKGEC, bagged the first runner up position in the event Shankara Hackathon 2020 held at SIT Jaipur during 28-29 February, 2020. The 36 hour event, sponsored by TEPIQ III, was inaugurated by Hon’ble Governor of Rajasthan Shri Kalraj Mishra Ji along with various other cabinet ministers. The team TECHNOXIANS presented their innovative solution on Smart System to clear the way for ambulance and alert the hospital about the seriousness in advance. The solution was highly appreciated by the jury members.

LAAL Ten Tech

Team LAAL Ten Tech, a startup of IDEA Lab at AKGEC won the cash prize of Rs. 20,000 as a 2nd runner up in Idea Pitching Competition at Startup Conclave organized by IMS Ghaziabad-University Courses Campus and sponsored by Ghaziabad Management Association.


Software Development Centre (SDC), AKGEC, represented the College at Techstars Startup Weekend 2020 powered by Google. The event, a 54-hour event where designers, developers, marketers and startup enthusiasts come together to share ideas, form teams and launch startups was held from 31 January, 2020 to 02 February, 2020 at IMT Ghaziabad. The event was attended by 70+ participants wherein 24 ideas pitched. Of the ten final ideas selected, five were presented by AKGEC SDC teams.

Team of AKGEC and IMT students was awarded certification by Google, a free domain name for its members and vouchers for achieving second position in the event. The winning team presented their idea of building an integrated platform for all the NGOs, corporates and professionals – a one stop solution for anyone who wants to contribute to the society.

AKGEC Team Members
Arnav Jain B.Tech II Year IT
Srishti B.Tech II Year EC
Muskan Agrawal B.Tech II Year CSE
Sachin Prajapati B.Tech II Year EN

Start up Weekend

AKGEC is proud to congratulate its students Ravi Gupta (B.Tech IV Year EN) and Vaibhav Lakhmani (B.Tech III Year IT) for winning the first prize for their innovative idea ILUZIO VR in the 54 hour Techstars Startups Weekend held at Noida during 27-29 September, 2019. ILUZIO VR is based on VR based learning in schools.

Techstars Startups Weekend Event, powered by Google, is an open platform for the innovators and entrepreneurs to present their startup idea and also to explore themselves the ideas for
product development, business model canvas and validation.

Student Achievements Technical 2018 - 19

CST Grant for Project ‘Smart Home Technology for Persons with Mobility Impairment’

Students of B.Tech IV year CSE successfully completed project ‘Smart Home Technology for Persons with Mobility Impairment’ under guidance of Dr. Sunita Yadav, HoD CSE. The project received a grant of Rs. 20,600 from Council of Science & Technology, DST, U.P under the UP Engineering Students’ Grant Scheme 2018-19.

Smart Home System is a fully functional system that uses WIFI module implemented using Android application. It enables user to control appliances and machines which are Raspberry Pi enabled, with just one touch thus making it easy to be used by people with mobility impairment. The focus of this application also includes to direct a security system with webcam surveillance.

Team Members

Harleen Kaur
Ayushi Goel
Disha Bhatnagar
Deeksha Singh

Outstanding Positions in CII MAJESTIC SKILL-WILL-LEAD Competitions

Date Venue AKGEC Team Idea Position
20 September, 2018 KIET

Utkarsh Dwivedi

Divyanshu Paliwal



B.Tech III Year ME Press Tool Design & Manufacturing I
4 October, 2018 IMS Engineering College

Utkarsh Dwivedi

Yashwant Verma

Ms. Tarushi Jain

Purusharth Yaduwanshi

B.Tech III Year ME

B.Tech II Year ME

Seven Tools of Quality Control II
25 October, 2018 AKGEC

Utkarsh Dwivedi

Divyanshu Paliwal

Yashwant Verma

Mahima Baghel

B.Tech III Year ME

B.Tech II Year ME

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning I

First Prize for project LaalTen Tech in Innotech-2018, a technical project competition held at KIET Group of Institutions Ghaziabad on 01 November, 2018.

First Position in Advance Robotics Challenge at World Robot Olympiad-2018 (15-16 September, 2018)

Student Achievements Technical 2017 - 18

Second position for the project Smart Agriculturist Support System (SASS) in Niyantra-2017 hosted by National Instruments.

Third Appreciation Prize for project Smart Inspection Based Sorting System in Mitsubishi Electric Cup-2018

Runner Up Gradeability Award for Design of Hybrid Vehicle in EFFICYCLE-17 event at Lovely Professional University

II and V positions for projects Clearo Air Purifier and Farmer Support System respectively in Anveshna Project Competition hosted by Agastya International Foundation in association with Synopsys

Tenth position in ROBOCON-2018

Secured I position in National Level Technical Project Exhibition and Competition SRISHTI-2018"

Student Achievements Technical 2016 - 17

  • 9th position for project Digitized Platform for Handling Parliament Questions in Smart India Hackathon-2017. Team Resolution Squad was sanctioned Rs. 3 lac for completion of the project
  • Participation by five students in University Innovation Fellows Program of Stanford University
  • AKGEC project team “Innovators" won the 'Mitsubishi Electric Innovators Gold Cup-2017'
  • First Prize in event Bigwar and second prize in event BigQuiz in Bigdatathon-17, a National Level Project Development Competition
  • Award for Project Smart Krishi E-Monitoring System in Anveshna Projec Competition hosted by Agastya International Foundation in association with Synopsys
  • First Prize for project DUM_E in Sanskar Project Exhibition-2017 hosted by Ganpati Institute of Technology, Ghaziabad

Student Achievements Technical 2015 - 16

  • Outstanding Project Award for project KUKA youBot Integration with LabVIEW for Industrial Application during Automation India Week-2015 organized by International Society of Automation
  • First Prize for project Innovative Smart Dustbin VIHAAN during Niyantra-2015 hosted by National Instruments

Finalist for project Automated Guided Vehicle during Niyantra-2015 hosted by National Instruments

Fifth position for project Automatic Bottling Plant in Mitsubishi Electric Cup-2016 hosted by Mitsubishi Electric India P. Ltd.

Fourth position in Final Endurance Race, a Highway Run during EFFICARS-2016 organized by UIET Department of Punjab University

I, III and Consolation Prizes for projects Autonomous Wheel Chair for Handicaps, Let’s Geopark and Train Got Brains in Anveshna Project Competition hosted by Agastya International Foundation in association with Synopsys

First Prize for project Unmanned Train with Automatic Signalling in BITS Pilani Technical Fest

  • Best Innovation Award in SUPRA-2016
  • Best Design Evaluation Award in EFFICAR-2016

Student Achievements Technical 2014 - 15

AKGEC NI LabVIEW Academy awarded Emerging LabVIEW Academy in North India

  • Dhronacharya Award in SUPRA-2015
  • First Runner-Up prize in GO-KART-2015
  • First position for project Real Time Industrial Pollution Management System in National Level AMTEL Embedded Design Contest-2015