Adequate and Well Equipped Laboratories of Applied Science and Humanity Department

1. The department has adequate number of laboratories as per requirement (strength of students in the department and number of labs / practical courses mentioned in syllabus scheme of university (AKTU, Lucknow).
2. These laboratories are fully equipped with hardware kits / equipment’s, software tools and consumables.
3. These labs have all the basic as well as advanced level facilities to fulfil the requirements of courses.
4. These laboratories are utilized by the students and faculty members of Applied Sciences department for performing the practical experiments, Research Activities (R & D).
5. One dedicated lab staff member is always present in each lab room (responsibility of each lab room has been assigned to a particular lab staff).
6. Adequate Budget is planned and expenditure is done from the allocated fund to ensure the repairing of faulty equipment’s, purchase of consumables, lab equipment’s / hardware kits and software tools.

The Department is equipped with the following labs(for odd and Even Semister)


1. Physics Lab
2. Chemistry Lab
3. Professional Communication lab

Facilities available in Applied Science lab

Name of the Laboratory /

Lab venue

Lab Courses being Conducted for B. Tech. 1st year (both Odd
and Even Semester)
No. of Students per Setup (Batch Size) Name of the Important Equipment/Tool
Physics Lab

Engineering Physics Lab

KAS 151P

30-35 Students per Group

Spectrometer, Microscope , Half shade polerimeter,Spherometer,

Sodium lamp,Electronic Balance,

Mercury lamp,Transformer,Optical bench


,Stewart & Gee Type Galvanometer

,Tangent Galvanometer

Chemistry lab Engineering Chemistry Lab KAS 152 30-35 Students per Group Heating Oven, Distillation Assembly, Digital Spectro-Photometer, Digital pH Meter, Water Bath, Physical Balance, Electrical Balance, Electronic Balance, Stop Watch, Hot Plate, Shaker, Heating Mental
Language Lab English Language Lab KAS 154 30-35 Students per Group 35 Computer systems, (34 core2duo, 1 i5 server)  headphones with mic, LCD projector with screen, printer, network switch, Podium

Details of Manpower Support Available in Applied Sciences and Humanities Department

Lab Name of Lab Assistant Designation Qualification Years of Experience
Physics lab Mr. Rajesh Kumar Lab Assistant B. Sc         13
Chemistry lab Mr. Manoj Kumar Lab Assistant B. Sc         14
Language lab Mr. Dhirendra Gupta Lab Assistant, certificate in computing (IGNOU), MCP, Diploma in computer Administration         12

Utilization and Ambience of AS&H Department Laboratories through Photographs