Silver Jubilee Project Exhibition was conducted on Feb 22, 2023 in college Football ground. The event was organized by ECE department of the college. The event provided an opportunity to the AKGEC students to showcase their innovative ideas in the form of hardware and/or software project models. A total of 33 project groups from final year and 41 project groups from 2nd/3rd year participated in the project exhibition. In the final year category, one best deserving project from each department was selected for reward of Rs. 5000/- and merit certificates. In the 2nd/3rd year category, three best projects 2nd/3rd year were selected for merit certificates and reward of Rs. 5000/-, Rs. 3000/- and Rs. 2000/- respectively. Some pictures of the event and details of the winning projects are provided below.

Prize Winners: Silver Jubilee Project Exhibition

S. No Branch Year Project Name Student Name Project Mentor



1 ECE 4th VTOL Drone for Surveillance & mapping Kshitij Dr. Neelesh Kumar Gupta 1st Rs 5000/-
Mohd Areeb Fakhar
Nitesh Chaubey
Prashant Singh
2 CSE 4th Melophy: Mood-based Music Recommendation system using ML Shivani Khare Dr. Sonam Gupta 1st Rs 5000/-
Vanshika Misra
3 IT 4th Intelligent Music player Ashish Soharia Mr. Sumit Sharma 1st Rs 5000/-
4 EN 4th Smart Road Management System Manav  Soam Mr. Dinanath Prasad 1st Rs 5000/-
Gaurav  Yadav
Dhruv  Agarwal
Aashish  Teotia
5 ME 4th Flight Controller for Professional Drones Laiba Rafiq Dr. Tarun Bhardwaj & Mr Puneet Saini 1st Rs 5000/-
Ishan Singh
Lakshay Bansal
Prince Singh
6 CE 4th Sesmic Performance of shear walls in building Namrata Singh Mr. Atri Tyagi 1st Rs 5000/-
Shaswat Patel
Navneet Kumar
Shushant Tyagi
1 CSE 3rd E-DRISHTI Ishita Kapoor Dr. Pratima Singh 1st Rs 5000/-
CSIT Amisha Yadav
2 ECE 2nd Adrishya-A Multidisciplinary Approach Shant Shukla Ms. Amita Asthana 2nd Rs 3000/-
Vashu Paliwal
Vandit Mishra
3 IT 3rd FITGO Piyush Rai Dr. Anupama Sharma 3rd Rs 2000/-
CS Vaibhav Yadav