As the stars began their enticing dance in the evening sky of April 19th, 'Shaam-e-harf' blossomed into a captivating symphony of words. Team Footprints transformed mere plans into an enthralling reality by orchestrating an evening to be cherished in the chronicles of literary gatherings.

As the evening unfolded in the haven of poetic expression, we found solace, inspiration, and serenity in the timeless magic of language. The presence of distinguished Director General, Dr. R.K. Agarwal added a radiant aura to the celebration of literary prowess.

And as the echoes of verses faded into the night, we were left with not just memories but a profound connection— to ourselves, each other, and the boundless universe of literature itself. In that shared moment, 'Shaam-e-harf' became an everlasting testament to the power of poetry to unite, edify, and illuminate our souls.