4.4.2 – Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities – laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc.

Established Systems and Procedures for Maintaining and Utilizing Computers

1. Computers are purchased against requirements from Departments and Sections centrally by the Central Support Cell
2. All maintenance of computers and other IT equipment is the responsibility of the Central Support Cell
3. All complaints about repair are checked in house by the Central Support Cell and repair is completed in house, if possible else the equipment is sent to the outside vendors for repair
4. Old computers and equipment are replaced on a periodic basis.

Established Systems and Procedures for Maintaining and Utilizing sports complex
A dedicated system to ensure scheduled maintenance and repair of sports complexes and infrastructure exists in the college. The college Sports Officer is the main advisor to Dean Admin for necessary maintenance of sports associated requirements. The necessary procurement of sports items is done in consultation with Dean Hostel and Dean Students Welfare through Chief Purchase Officer.

Established Systems and Procedures for Maintaining and Utilizing classrooms
All the classrooms are cleaned daily and furniture is wiped off by the designated Safai Karamcharis in the morning before starting of the classes. All the Electrical switches, fans, etc are checked and repaired on a requirement basis. The mikes are distributed to faculty before starting each class. The distribution point has a sufficient number of charged batteries and mikes to meet the requirement. A buffer stock of batteries and mikes is maintained for quick replacement of unserviceable ones.

Established Systems and Procedures for Maintaining and Utilizing Library Automation

The library is managed by computerized automation through library management software KOHA, which is an integrated multi-user library management system that supports all in-house operations of the library with Barcode. The KOHA consists of modules on acquisition, cataloguing, circulation, periodical, article indexing, and Web OPAC.

Requisition of Books: Requirements of books are generated on basis of the following:

1. Requirements specified in the syllabus
2. Courses operating in colleges with a number of admitted students.
3. Requirements given by faculty/departments/students etc.

Requirements for the books from the faculty member as well as students are received on Book Requisition. The titles of books and number of copies required are sought after finding the availability of the title, number of copies in the library in consultation with Dean Library. Then approval for the purchase of the books is obtained from the Dean Library and Director-General. After that order for recommended books is prepared. Then a purchase order is placed on the book suppliers on the basis of discounts and services.

Technical Processing of Books: After the bill is processed, the documents are subjected to technical processing. This includes:

1. Classification through Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme, 21st edition.
2. Feeding of book data in KOHA Library Management Software for cataloging purposes/Search.
3. Fixing book label, barcode, due date slip, and stamping on back of the title page, secrete page of the book, and Last page of the book.
4. Shelving of documents according to Classification