Anti-Ragging & Anti-Drug Poster Making Competition 2023

The Fine Arts Society of AKGEC took a proactive approach to address some pressing social issues by organizing the ANTI-RAGGING, ANTI-DRUG, AND GENDER EQUALITY POSTER-MAKING COMPETITION on November 1, 2023. This event demonstrates the importance of engaging the youth and the community to raise awareness about critical social problems.

AKGEC is actively working to combat and raise awareness about these issue. The posters likely conveyed the message against ragging and drugs and highlighted the need for a safe and inclusive campus environment. The posters likely encouraged gender equity, challenged gender stereotypes, and emphasized the importance of treating everyone with respect and fairness.

Selected posters were displayed in the ARCADE of the Admin Block. This gave a platform for the artwork to reach a broader audience and continue to inspire discussion and awareness.
In conclusion, the ANTI-RAGGING, ANTI-DRUG, AND GENDER EQUALITY POSTER-MAKING COMPETITION at AKGEC is a commendable initiative that promoted a culture of inclusivity, awareness, and creativity, which are all vital components of a healthy educational environment.

Anti-Ragging & Anti-Drug Poster Making Competition 2022

Celebrating the philosophy of a ragging and drug-free campus, the Anti-Ragging and Anti-Drug Poster Making Competition was by Team footprints and Team Renaissance organized at 1:30 pm on 1st December, 2022, in ME Block, AKGEC. As a part of the competition, Team Footprints created a board depicting the same ideology.

The board consisted of abstract art curated and created by Team Footprints. The board had gears as the central element that showcased various aspects of the new phase in the college in a fresher's life. It also emphasized the unity required for making a healthy social environment for hostile development.

The different elements in the painting portrayed how guidance from seniors could mold the clay-like unshaped students into the well-formed leaders and visionaries of tomorrow. Along with the direction shown and the time aptly utilized in transforming those aspirations into reality, it is the guidance provided by seniors that lets them realize the true merit of their dreams.

The board further had a poem penned on it with the title, “अक्षांत". The title is a Hindi word that means someone who keeps the desire for victory and success in life.

Every line in the poem represents the difficulties in the path that comes during new beginnings and how we can transform those adversities into new opportunities and manifest our dedication as well as diligence to achieve our goals. The poem begins with the metaphor of morning-sun, and it ends with the lines depicting the guidance provided by the seniors that help the juniors in their journey and leads them towards success. Henceforth, justifying the title, “अक्षांत".

The event witnessed immense success with approximately 100+ entries from enthusiastic students who showcased commendable artistry and virtuosity. The jury panels consisting of respected faculty members were impressed by the vibrant ambiance of the venue and the creativity delineated in the posters made by the participants. The honorable Director-General Sir graced the event, reviewed the submissions, and interacted with all the participants. He also appreciated the board created by Team Footprints and praised the efforts made by the team.

With an ingenious mindset, unwavering dedication, and consistent teamwork, the event turned out to be a colossal success. It also diffused a sense of harmony, conformity, and creativity into the college.

Anti-Ragging & Anti-Drug Poster Making Competition 2019

Anti-Ragging and Anti-Drug Poster Making Competition was organized with the dual purpose to sensitize students towards the social evils of ragging and drug addiction and also provide them the opportunity to portray their talent in creative arts and painting.

Organized jointly by Team Footprints and Team Renaissance on 9 August’19, the competition witnessed participation of 140 teams comprising almost 430 students portraying their brilliant ideas with the most vibrant colors.