DDU Workshop October 2022

Workshop on ‘Realizing Yourself’ for DDU students

Dates: 10-14 ad 17-22 October, 2022
Duration: Two hrs per day, 2-4 PM
Place: CS-IT Seminar Hall, AKGEC
Total Participants: 97 DDUGKY Students



Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Grameen Kaushalya Yojana (DDU-GKY) is a scheme launched by the Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD). DDU-GKY is a part of the National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM), tasked with the dual objectives of adding diversity to poor rural families’ incomes and catering to the career aspirations of rural youth.

DDU-GKY is uniquely focused on rural youth between the ages of 15 and 35 years from poor families. As a part of the Skill India campaign, it plays an instrumental role in supporting the social and economic programs of the government like ‘Make In India’, ‘Digital India’, ‘Smart Cities’ , ‘Start-Up India’ and ‘Stand-Up India’ campaigns.

Brief Report of the workshop:

A workshop (2hrs per day) on the topic “Realizing Yourself” was conducted for DDUGKY students (all branches), with the idea of inculcating values while learning skills.

The workshop was planned, keeping the following objectives in mind-
● Understand real goals of life ensuring continuity of happiness and prosperity
● Improve competence to come out from peer pressure.
● Recognize relationships with others and live a harmonious life
● Improve their ability to express themselves confidently
● Recognize their strength and weakness
● Utilize their skills with holistic wisdom

Topics dealt with in the sessions were Aspirations and Concerns, Basic Human Aspirations i.e., continuity of Happiness and Prosperity, Priority among Right Understanding-Relationship and Physical Facility, Human as the coexistence of Self & Body, Peer Pressure, Health & Self-Regulation, Relationship in Family, feelings of Trust, Respect and Gratitude in Relationship etc.

The sessions were been facilitated by the experienced resource persons of VE Cell, AKGEC:
1. Dr. Upasana Mishra, Assistant Professor (CSE)
2. Dr. Parul Verma, Assistant Professor (AS&H)
3. Mr. B.N Pandey, Assistant Professor (CSE)
4. Dr. Gopal Babu, Assistant Professor (VE Cell)

Students attentively understood the underlying realities and verified the proposals in their lives. They raised many issues in their own lives to be resolved. The sessions were very interactive.
Every day 2-3 encouragement gifts were given to those students who briefed the content being taught and shared their reflections.
On the last day, Self-Evaluation & Feedback sessions was planned. Around 25 participants shared their Self-Evaluation & Feedback. Dr. Vivek Singh, the Centre In Charge and Dr. Ajay P Singh, the Faculty Coordinator, were present to listen and encourage the participants. They appreciated their willingness to explore and awarded prizes for sincerity.

Participants unanimously demanded many more frequent workshops and follow-up meetings under the VE Cell facilitators’ guidance to be in touch and verify the proposals. They were able to witness a qualitative change in their own and other participant’s behavior during this short span of time.


Prakrati– Physical facility is necessary but relationship and trust is more important for
me as human being. I could see that I consider my mistake as my competence and seek
cooperation to improve, but others mistake I take as doubt on intention and refuse to
cooperate. Here I have to improve my own competence.

Vikas Kumar- I came to know about my swabhav here, and could easily see that most of my decisions are influenced by dabav and prabhav.

Swarnima- I got confidence to share my viewpoints. Earlier I was hesitant and fearful
because of absence of relationship within.

Shalu- My basic aspiration is happiness, but in peer pressure I start copying other, and
become dependent on others (partantra). It makes me unhappy.

Rahul Kumar- The sessions helped me to resolve many of my concerns. Now I fearlessly cater friendships and very happy with this development.

Priyanka Gupta- When I identify my needs of physical facility, and have more than my need, I share with the resources with my relatives. When I came here, I was not recognizing anybody, but I was sure that all will be similar to me. I am grateful to all for helping me directly or indirectly.

Ajay Kr Gola- As umbrella although cannot protect us from rain but gives courage to
face it. Similarly, teachers and knowledge help us to stand firm during adversities.
Gratitude to teachers.

A Spiritual talk by Brahma Kumari (BK) Sangeeta Didi

‘A Spiritual talk by Brahma Kumari (BK) Sangeeta Didi’
Organized by Value Education Cell

Dates: 14th October, 2022
Duration: 2Hrs
Place: Main Seminar Hall, AKGEC
Total Participants –250
Master of Ceremonies- Four VE Cell Student Volunteers-
Miss Vaishnavi Mishra (2ndYr, CE)
Mr Aseem Jain (2ndYr, CSE AIML1)
Mr Arnav Singh Chauhan (2ndYr, ECE1)
Ms Swati Saxena (3rdYr, ECE3)


A Brief detailing

Value Education Cell, AKGEC organized a spiritual seminar on ‘HEALTHY, HAPPY AND HARMONIOUS RELATIONSHIPS’ on 14th October 2022 for all the B.Tech 2nd-year students from 10 AM to 12 PM in the Main Seminar Hall of the administrative block.

The speaker of the session was BK Sangeeta Didi. She, as a spiritualist, has been deeply studying the practical applications of Rajyoga meditation and knowledge in varied fields of life for the last 40 years. She has done spiritual services in many places in India as well as in other countries, including Mauritius, Singapore, Malaysia and Russia. Didi has been a regular facilitator at Air India (for their Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad and Cochin branches), Jet Airways, Singapore Airlines, Indian Oil Corporation, Ministry of Railways, BHEL, etc.
VE Cell students, Vaishnavi and Aseem, welcomed Didi and briefly introduced the topic to all the dignitaries and audience present in the session. Clarity of relationship and harmony was extracted as everybody’s aspiration, initiating the session. After that, Director General (DG), Dr. RK Agarwal, introduced the esteemed guest BK Sangeeta Didi. He very generously added that he is also under the constant mentoring of Didi. DG’s statement that he is in the “Palna of Didi”, directly touched the audience’s heart and motivated everyone to be more attentive throughout the session.

After DG sir’s address, BK Sangeeta Ji also spoke kind words for such a visionary Director General, who is a guide, a mentor and a well-wisher to his students, rather than only being a Director General of such a prestigious institute. After her one-hour spiritual talk on the topic, she responded to everybody’s questions and doubts with calmness and clarity. She engaged everyone in her speech; the examples she used for better understanding were very much related to day-to-day issues, so they were truly comprehended by everybody. The students and everyone in the hall were impressed and influenced by her simplicity and how she handled the questions. The chanting of OM SHANTI was full of peace and serenity.

She enlightened the minds to understand the real meaning of relationships in life, and she talked about the state of detachment. She perplexed the audience with beautiful lines about relationships like relationships should be based on
(a) ‘What we think, feel and interpret’ not on ‘what we speak or how we speak’
(b) No one is wrong, in fact, ‘Each one of us is different’;
(c) Don’t just give advice only, ‘Give blessing to the soul to have the power to change the Sanskaar’.
With these blessed lines, she also told about five equations for a harmonious life, listed below:
1. Equation 1: Advise their good, not my mind’s happiness.
2. Equation 2: Everyone is right in their own way
3. Equation 3: Detachment is the best gift for the family because it guarantees that I will be strong and stable whatever happens.
4. Equation 4: I have the potential to respect my pure feelings – whatever happens, being genuine.
5. Equation 5: I will take the initiative to do any pure act.

She helped in observing thoughts, views and issues related to the misconceptions in relationships and gave several examples where life became easy and joyful with the understanding of feelings in a relationship. Various effective examples include mother-children, friends, spouses, etc., and relationships, which almost every one of us often experiences.

Didi also advised everybody to meditate for at least 2-3 minutes between hectic working hours, which certainly boosts productivity, improves mental health, and helps in becoming a better observer of things. She said mediation helps to heal self in difficult situations. She also helped the audience to manage feelings, anger, and emotions while interacting with friends and family.

The session ended with the following homework for the audience to contemplate:

1) I have great respect for myself – I am a peaceful, loving, happy, very powerful soul, come what may.
2) Even if anyone says something or under any circumstances, no disturbance, dejection,doubt on me the “Soul”or feeling disrespected.
3) I will always create blessings for others.

The powerful session was completed with her blessings. Concluding the event, the honorable DG presented a memento to the charismatic guest as a token of appreciation with a feeling of gratitude. Swati Saxena, VE Cell student, gave a vote of thanks. In the end, a 10-point online Quiz contest based on the contents discussed in the session was conducted, followed by a reward ceremony.

The winners of the quiz were:
[1] Vandit Mishra of ECE-3 (Score 10/10)
[2] Snehal Shukla of ECE-3 (Score 9/10)
[3] Nav Khanna of ECE-2 (Score 9/10)

The feedback from all the participants was very positive and encouraging. Everybody is looking forward to many more such life-related seminars based on spirituality to learn more about self-exploration, self-respect, right understanding, trust and self-evolution.

Workshop on “Conscious Engineering”

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Title of the Event
Workshop on “Conscious Engineering”
Date of Event
10-18 September, 2022
Event Details
The workshop’s objective was to help students see their innate potential to live a stable life.

Dates: 10-18 September, 2022
Duration: 44-hour student workshop divided in 9 days (On weekdays, from 4:30-6:30pm and on weekends from 9am-5pm)
Place: Main Seminar Hall / Mini Seminar Hall, Admin Block, AKGEC
Total Registrations – 70
Total Participants completed successfully – 20


A Brief Report

VE Cell, AKGEC conducted 44 hours of student offline workshop on “Conscious Engineering” from 10th – 18th September 2022. The following faculty members conducted the workshop:

a. Dr. Gopal Babu, VE Cell
b. Dr Parul Verma, ASH
c. Mr. BN Pandey, CSE
d. Mr. RP Singh, ECE
e. Dr Jitendra Chhabra, ECE.

The workshop was conducted as per the following schedule:

a. 10 Sep 2022 (Saturday) – 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
b. 11 Sep 2022 (Sunday) – 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
c. 12 – 16 Sept 2022 (Monday – Friday)- 4:30 PM – 6:30 PM
d. 17 Sep 2022 (Saturday) – 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
e. 18 Sep 2022 (Sunday) – 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

The workshop’s objective was to help students see their innate potential to live a stable life. The workshop was based on intense exploration where students asked about their daily life issues. The facilitators helped them see the root cause of problems and its solution rather than giving any readymade solution.

The first session started with the topic’s introduction and some checkpoints to be maintained throughout the workshop. Dr. Gopal Babu acquainted the explorers with the basic idea of consciousness. He also told how the human mind tends to work logically and remains devoid of feelings without the right understanding. Knowing the inherent potential and feelings leads to a harmonious and fulfilling life.

The session continued with the expansion of innate potential to understand harmony at the level of Individual, Family, Society and Nature/Existence. The workshop helped students free themselves from the wrong preconditions responsible for an unhappy life. The workshop covered every aspect of student’s life.

On weekends, every fourth session was devoted to group discussion. All the explorers were divided into three groups and facilitated by a co-explorer guide to help them understand the meaning of terminologies and resolve various preconditioning. Last weekend’s session was planned as a special session, Yog Nidra. The sole purpose of the session was to provide rehabilitation to the self. These sessions were very refreshing for everyone, and every explorer gave positive feedback to these sessions.

On the second last day, instead of group discussion, a movie was shown to give all the explorers a basic idea of the role of conscious engineering in our daily life. A light discussion and queries followed the movie.

The last session of the last day of the workshop was a sharing session. Explorers were asked to share their experiences, suggest improvements and give feedback related to the workshop.

Participant’s Feedback- Few of the sharing are as follows:

Shreyas Agarwal: I overcame my stage of fear and anxiety, also, now I can see the difference between intention and competence while I talk to my family. In addition, I now know the importance of values in my life.

Anjali Tiwari: Before the workshop, I generally would have reacted immediately without thinking or would have given reactions very often while talking, but now I evaluate my feelings and competence and then give a response accordingly.

Utkarsh: Whenever I put my words in front of anyone, I assume that the listener has completely understood me. But now I know that we must understand others also and then take decisions accordingly.

Ayush Agarwal: In the past, I had a routine of studying upto 3-4 am, sleeping for 4 to 5 hours, then waking up and going to college. After college, when I reach home, I tend to sleep for 4 to 5 hours again. This disturbance in the sleep cycle led me to instability and affected my mental health. But now I have corrected my routine, which is helping me improve my concentration and behavior.

Raghav Kumar Bhaskar: Instead of giving an immediate reaction, we must observe things; we must see the feelings and intentions of the person. Also, I had a problem with take-offs during classes, but now with the help of the exercise, as Dr. Gopal Babu told me during the session, I can improve my concentration.

Pramod: If we understand our consciousness, we do not get angry easily. Sir told us to understand ourselves, as well as to understand the environment, nature and existence around us.

Ujjwal Sahu: Initially, I often opt for anger; also, I had various anxiety issues. Sir helped me in handling my past experiences. Also, I use my mobile phone only when necessary, so I sleep on time.

Rishabh Dixit: We must understand the purpose of life and ourselves. Exploring ourselves and nurturing our bodies are very important.

Kartik Ranaut: I have realized that we must see their feelings and not judge them by their behavior whenever we talk to people. See their intention so that we can analyze what they want to convey.

Vaishnavi Mishra: I am very much impressed by the concept of Mutual living and co-existence, all the natural units living in harmony and relationship, also how every unit of an ecosystem is related to each other and working together for mutual harmony. Similarly, all the cells and tissues work together in harmony for the survival of body. Today society became self-centered, instead of working towards excellence and mutual prosperity.

Sneha Gupta: Now I always think before speaking anything, evaluate the situation, feelings and competence of the person. Also, I have practiced patience and time management so that now I feel mental peace instead of chaos.
With the sharing of explorers, the workshop came to an end. The explorers’ feedback was very encouraging and all of them are looking forward to another workshop or activity in which they can participate and learn more about self-exploration, self-awareness and self-evolution.