In a vibrant celebration of cultural diversity, AKGEC hosted the Diwali Fair Event on November 4, 2023. This event seamlessly blended tradition and modern enthusiasm, featuring student vendors offering handicrafts, traditional clothing, games, and delicious food. It fostered intercultural dialogue and camaraderie, promoting a friendly and scholarly atmosphere.

The event’s success was attributed to meticulous planning and highlighted AKGEC’s commitment to community building and mutual respect. Team HORIZON masterfully managed the event, with support from Team Renaissance and Team Footprints. Team Euphony provided a melodic backdrop, enhancing the cultural ambiance, and Team Goonj delivered a captivating dramatic performance in line with Vigilance Awareness Week.

The Photography and Media Club played a crucial role in documenting the event. The collective efforts of all participants and their valuable presence made this a memorable event. The Diwali Fair Event brilliantly united the community, celebrating tradition and culture with meticulous planning and execution.