Software Incubator, the research and development center of Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College conducted a workshop named “Sintax” with the motive to encourage and educate the first year students in the domain of Competitive Programming.

It was a 22-hour long workshop spanned over 4 days from 30th April, 2022 to 3rd May, 2022. The workshop was followed by a coding contest in the CSE labs and Computer Centre on 4th May, 2022. The workshop was organized under supervision of Dr. Sachin Kumar, Head SDC-SI.

The workshop saw the enthusiastic participation of 150 students from the First Year. Top 3 performers have been awarded with cash prizes worth Rs. 3000/-. Certificates of participation are provided to all attendees on behalf of SDC-SI.

The workshop was planned and conducted meticulously, to cater to students of all skill levels. A presentation was prepared containing explanations for each topic in simple language with examples. Furthermore, study material and resources related to the topics were provided to the students to ease their journey of learning.

The workshop introduced the students to the world of competitive programming and helped them gain practical knowledge about basic concepts, hands-on experience in writing well-organised codes and guidance from mentors, consequently raising their technical skills.