Removing Barriers, Releasing Potential” aptly summarizes the objective behind the inception of ZEST. At Zest, it is our belief that everybody has a lot of potential to be better at what they are; all they need is to remove the obstacles. Thus we aim at the overall development of an individual, primarily focusing on the enrichment of soft skills.

Taking into account today’s fast changing economy students need something a little more than technical knowledge to be successful in the industry. An appropriate amalgamation of technical and soft skills is the need of the hour.


Zest was incepted in February, 2010 under the aegis of the department of applied sciences and humanities and since then it has organized numerous workshops and events.


It was hosted in mid-February. It was a refreshingly powerful talk on confidence and motivation, and through this workshop we encouraged the students to discover their true potential and be better at what they are. It was conducted in three sessions and was attended by a total of 640 students.

This workshop aimed at motivating the students to stay focused in life and helped them to become confident and self-assuredhuman beings. It empowered them towards -‘living a much better life’. Our discussions and conclusions were practical and could be easily implemented in the routine life.


Samvardhan was an initiative by Team ZEST to enhance the spoken English skills of students pertaining to the need of good communication skills in professional life.

It was targeted at first year students and the main focus was to strengthen their fundamental knowledge of grammar, improve their vocabulary and instil the confidence to apply this knowledge practically.

A total of 90 students from various branches of first year enrolled for the program. Zest members from 2nd and 3rd year played mentors to the students. Topics covered during the program included Articles, Tenses, Reported Speech, Vocabulary, Personal Introduction, Group discussions etc.


Description- At this year’s Cultural Day’15 , Team ZEST had organised an event named as- “COMPLETE THE TALE”, which was aimed at testing the literary & writing skills of the students. Each Team consisted of 2 members , out of which 1 member had to take out a slip ,having a theme word ,from a large box having numerous random slips. In the slip a theme word was there from which the other member had to frame a short story comprising of the theme. Both members then had to continue one by one for completing the story. The best completion of the story won the prize.

The Event received an excellent number of participation of more than 100 students.  The students were efficiently managed by the society members in accordance with the discipline guidelines.


At this year’s annual cultural fest VIBRATIONS’14, Team ZEST managed to leave a mark with 3 successful events namely Vox Populi: The Debate, Angry Birds and The Masquerade Mystery.

All three events received excellent participation and were managed efficiently in accordance with the disciplinary guidelines.A brief report of all three events is as follows:


It brought the popular game of Angry Birds to real time. The preliminary round witnessed registration of 210 teams with 2 members each.

50 teams were shortlisted for the final round which was held at the Amphitheatre with a grand set up, 7 feet in height.This fun filled event proved to be a delightful experience for the participants and the spectators alike.


Suspense and thrill formed the crux and made this event one of a kind. The participants were required to solve an array of logic and general awareness based clues to form a path and solve the mystery.

Over 150 teams (3 members each) were registered for the preliminary round with 10 teams qualifying for the final.


This event was planned keeping in mind the inalienable need for good oratory skills in professional life.

The preliminary round was an extempore with 45 participants out of which 16 qualified for the final debate.

The debate touched upon many topics of social and political relevance such as NOTA, Capital Punishment etc.

Faculty Coordinator :

Dr. Sweety Agarwal

Email: dr.sweety_agarwal@rediffmail.comdr.sweetyagarwal@gmail.com

Mob No: 09555958577

Student Coordinator :

Ms. Preksha Tyagi

Brancht: IT

Contact: 9873228966

Email: tyagi.preksha@gmail.com