ABHIJISHYA 18 - Garba Navratri Festival

"The  rhythm of tradition in the psalm of life,
Enriched with festivity, love and elation,
We witness the artistry of this wondrous night,
Rising to an epitome of cheerful celebration."

Garba, a breath-taking extravaganza, a plethora of colors and an emblem of grandeur that culminates the monotony of everyday life, is celebrated as an annual hostel event - a shimmery evening of togetherness and festivity with an expression of gratitude to the faculty members from students and a reverent laudation to the seniors passing out.

This year also Garba was celebrated on 27 September, 2018 with the theme ABHIJISHYA, meaning strong and independent women and it was proved by the enthusiasm and humongous participation by the girls leading to the success of this beautiful and elegant event. 

The bang on performances of our beauty with brains that is fourth year girls competing for the titles of Ms. Garba and Ms. Personality were cherished by all and offered a tough task for the senior faculty as judges to evaluate them.  At last Shagun Singh and Vartika Raj won the title of Ms. Garba and Ms. Personality respectively.